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Metabolic Cooking Review – Fat Burning Foods

Food plays such an important role in our lives, and yet it’s one of our worst enemies as well. It takes almost nothing for a healthy diet to turn into one that packs on the pounds or causes health problems!

But what if there was a way to cook food that is healthy, delicious, and which promotes weight loss at the same time? We’d all enjoy our food, but without having to worry about gaining weight.

That’s what the program promises, but let’s see if it delivers… Here’s our Metabolic Cooking review.

What is Metabolic Cooking?
The Metabolic Cooking program isn’t just one e-book–it’s dozens!

When you purchase the Metabolic Cooking program, you get a wealth of information on how to prepare food in a healthy, delicious, weight loss-promoting way. I’m impressed by the wide variety of cookbooks offered in the program, and I haven’t even cracked one open yet. It looks like it’s going to be a program worth its salt!

The Minds Behind Metabolic Cooking: Dave Ruel and Karine Losier
There are two people responsible for the creation of the Metabolic Cooking program.

David Ruel is a professional fitness coach, a nutritionist, a competitive bodybuilder, and the author of another book called the Anabolic Cookbook. His site states that he has “multiple degrees and certifications in both training and nutrition”, and he won the Heavyweight body class in the 2007 Heavyweights Classic competition.

Karen Losier is also called “The Lean Kitchen Queen”, which comes from her love of food. Her website states that she has a “master’s degree in psychology”, though no certifications or degrees in the field of fitness or diet are mentioned.

A Look at the Metabolic Cooking Program
The Metabolic Cooking package will run you just $49–a pretty great price considering everything that you get in the program.

There is no primary e-book to read, but the package comes with dozens of individual ebooks. The books are all filled with not just healthy recipes that are absolutely delicious, but there is a lot of information on food, dieting, and healthy eating in the books. We’re talking 250+ recipes, but all the details you need to know about every type of food.

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The breakfast ebook starts with a bang, giving you tips like:

Balancing fat, carbs, and protein will help you burn more calories throughout the day
Eating a hearty breakfast can help you burn more calories (not true![1])
Starting the day with a tasty breakfast will help you control your eating the rest of the day
From there, the book gets into recipes that contain:

Protein and carbs — Think foods like Apple Oatmeal Pancakes or Chocolate French Toast.
Protein and fats — Dishes like Omelets and Curry Scrambled Eggs.
Protein, fats, and carbs — Complete meals like Huevos Mexicanos and Spinach Egg Wraps
Protein, fats, carbs and veggies — The Weekend Frittatta has it all!
All of these recipes are supposed to be quick and easy to make, under 20 minutes according to the book!

Chicken and Poultry

We all know that chicken is one of the top proteins to eat if you’re on a diet, and this book reinforces the importance of the delicious food that is poultry.

It gets into some of the nutrients that you can find in turkey and chicken, such as B vitamins, tryptophan, and an assortment of minerals. After that, you progress into some amazingly delicious recipes made with chicken:

Protein only — Think delicious Chicken Burgers and Metabolic Turkey Muffins
Protein and carbs — Try the Metabolic Fried Chicken Fingers and Turkey Chili
Protein and fats — You’ll love the Cashew Crusted Chicken and the Chicken Piccata
Protein, fats, and carbs — Why not try the Chicken Burritos and the Tuscan Chicken
Protein, fats, carbs and veggies — You’ll love the balance of the Chicken Almond or Thai Basil Stir Fry.
Some of these recipes will take a bit longer to cook, but you’re still only looking at 20 to 30 minutes of cooking time per dish.

Fish and Seafood

Fish is probably the healthiest of the proteins on the planet, as it contains a wonderful balance of healthy fats and proteins that your body needs. There are also a lot of minerals in fish, so it’s a protein that you MUST eat for a healthy diet.

There’s not much of an explanation on fish, but you jump right away into the delicious recipes:

Protein only — What about Dijon Tuna or Cajun Catfish for dinner?
Protein and fats — Why not try Paprika Shrimp and Salmon Patties?
Protein, fats, and carbs — You’ll love the Pizza Tilapia and the Tuna Chowder.
Protein, fats, and veggies — The Stir Fried Scallops and Asparagus are quite good.
Protein, fats, carbs and veggies — I love the look of this Noodleless Shrimp Pad Thai.
Again, the recipes may require a bit more cooking time due to the fact that you MUST cook seafood and fish thoroughly.


Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? Whether it’s a yoghurt-based, milk-based, water-based, or juice-based smoothie, there are so many things that make smoothies absolutely delicious! They can be very healthy, and definitely can make weight loss easier.

This book takes a look at the benefits of juicing and smoothies, and comes with a few recommendations of healthy smoothies you can make at home:

Protein — The Extreme Chocolate Smoothie is quite tasty, and you’ll love the flavor of the Pina Colada Smoothie.
Protein and carbs — The Atomic Smoothie is a power-booster, while the Blue Bomber Smoothie is rich and flavorful.
Protein and fats — Try the Choco-Nuttie Smoothie or the Tirami-Smooth
The beauty of smoothies is that they’re pretty easy to make, and you can whip them up in no time!

Note: This book comes with a recommendation of protein powder manufactured and sold by BioTrust. It doesn’t explain why it’s good, but just says that it’s the ideal choice for your smoothies. I tried to find a review on a trustworthy site like Bodybuilding.com, but was unable to. The lack of review is a bit discomfiting for those considering buying a supplement.


Pork is a favorite of mine, but it’s not the healthiest protein out there. In fact, it’s usually the first to go when trying to diet.

Pork is fairly lean, but it’s not as clean as beef or poultry. It is rich in B vitamins, as the book points out, and it’s loaded in other minerals. For the purpose of this program, pork is permitted on the Metabolic Cookbook diet.

Here are some the recipes:

Protein only — Chili Lime Pork Strips and Pork Tandoori sound mouth-wateringly good.
Protein and fats — Try the Greek Pork Tenderloin or the Spicy Pork Chops.
Protein, fats, and veggies — The Mint Pork Stir-Fry sounds quite tasty.
Protein, fats, carbs and veggies — I’m a huge fan of Mu Shu Pork Wraps.
You’ll definitely want to be sure to spend time preparing these recipes right. Improperly cooked pork can be home to a host of bacteria, so don’t rush these recipes!

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Red Meat

Any diet that ditches red meat is one I will avoid, but this program actually promotes the consumption of red meat–albeit in moderation.

The book talks about the lower-fat cuts of meat, as well as a few beef-alternatives like bison, elk, and ostrich. Interesting!

Check out of the recipes they have:

Protein only — Beef Roast with Apples looks odd, but I love Shredded Beef!
Protein and fats — Check out the Argentine-Style Steak or the Smothered Burgers.
Protein, fats, and carbs — Beef Chihuahua sounds strange…
Protein, fats, and veggies — Consider the Beef and Eggplants or the Metabolic Mess.
Protein, fats, carbs and veggies — I love Stuffed Peppers!
This is my favorite of the books, and it gives me lots of great ideas for cooking my steak!

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Who doesn’t love sides when they eat out? Unfortunately, sides tend to be carb-heavy, or they’re just steamed veggies that are tasteless and not very palatable.

This ebook gives a list of delicious-looking sides, both carb- and veggie-heavy options. The options are fairly low in calories, and you’ll find that they can be quite tasty. Check out these options:

Carbs — Cuban Black Beans, Cajun-Style Sweet Potatoes, and Inferno Rice all look tasty.
Veggies — Try the Broccoli Dijon, the Curried Eggplant, and the Steamed Asian Mix.
All in all, the sides in this book look pretty tasty, and they’re not as high in calories as some of the sides you’ll find in local restaurants.


Snacks are a hugely important part of the average person’s life, though most of us tend to forget about those little bites we eat here and there.

This book looks at a few of the healthier snack options that help you to stay full without adding too many calories. These options include:

Protein and carbs — Apple No-Crisps, Strawberry Parfait, and Vanilla Peach Snack Bars.
Protein and fats — Think Cottage Cheese, Tuna, and Salsa, or go with Onion Eggs for a quick bite.
Some of the snacks sound pretty odd, but on closer examination you’ll find that they can be quite tasty.


For those who prefer to keep red meat and poultry out of their diets, this book looks at a list of recipes that you can make with only vegetarian foods. There aren’t too many recipes, but you’ll get a few choices, such as:

Protein — Pepper Quiche sounds interesting.
Protein and carbs — I love the look of Vegetarian Chili and Whole Wheat Vegetarian Lasagna.
Protein, fats, and carbs — Try out the Egg Salad Sandwich or the Peanut Butter Nut Fudge.
Protein, fats, and veggies — The Vegetarian Frittata is much more appealing to me than the Spicy Tempeh Scramble.
Protein, fats, carbs and vitamins — I’d try the Quinoa Burritos, but not the Spicy Peanut Tempeh Salad.
For vegetarians, it’s a good addition to the cookbook collection.

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Bonus Materials
These nine cookbooks are the primary part of the program, but you get a lot of pretty epic bonus materials, such as:

Dessert Decadence, a book to help you prepare fat-burning desserts
All Around the World, healthy recipes from around the globe
Lean and Healthy Breakfasts, Volume 1.
Tasty Meals on a Budget
Yummy Metabolic Soups
Recipes from the Islands
Paleo Recipes
Post Workout Shakes
5-Minute Delicious Creations
Eggztazia, a book of egg-centric recipes
and more…
All in all, you get almost 20 bonus books on top of the primary nine. Pretty great value for the price!

What We Think of the Metabolic Cooking Program
After flipping through the pages of the various cookbooks, I have to say that I am impressed. The recipes all look quite tasty, and the program offers great value. However, it’s not all good…

We’re Not Fond Of:
The books are a bit hard on the eyes. The green of the books doesn’t mesh well with the fonts, and they’re hard to read. There’s not too much text, but what little there is will be tough to focus on.
No explanation of why these foods boost metabolism. While the book offers a lot of great recipes, it doesn’t explain why these are so good for your metabolism. The focus of the program is obviously on protein, but without explaining why a high-protein diet is good for boosting your metabolism. Without the explanation of “WHY”, to me it’s kind of just another cookbook filled with delicious recipes.
No primary ebook. When you get started with the Metabolic Cooking program, there’s nothing to help you navigate the books. There’s no primary ebook to help you understand how to read through the books, but it just jumps right into the recipes. They expect you to take their word that the recipes work, without giving you any background details on why they do.
We Love:
Nutritional information. Each recipe comes with the number of calories, the grams of protein and carbs, and the important nutritional information you need to know. For those like me that are trying to stay strict with our calorie intake, these books are supremely helpful.
Super simple instructions. There’s no complicated terms in the book, but all of the instructions are easy to follow. Truth be told, the recipes all contain between 5 and 10 steps, so you don’t have to worry about trying to figure out a complex recipe with hundreds of ingredients.
Easy to use ingredients. Some of the recipes call for ingredients that you may not have handy, but most of them can be purchased at local supermarkets. You may need to shop at a few specialty stores to find everything, but it’s worth it to put out these delicious recipes.
Truth be told, the downsides of the program don’t detract from the high value of the Metabolic Cooking package. Not only do you get nine books filled with dozens of recipes that you can use to prepare delicious foods, but you also receive almost 20 bonus books with similarly valuable information. It’s definitely worth the purchase if you want healthy, calorie-controlled recipes. Its only flaw is not explaining a bit more about the principles behind the recipes.

Final Verdict: 4 Stars

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