Mexico's Riviera Maya

A Mexico’s Riviera Maya you will find everything for a holiday of a lifetime. Great beaches, ancient cities and glamorous hotels you find it all at this place. The mexico’s Riviera Maya is on the Yucatan Peninsular. The area has a magnificient Caribbean beach and is one of the most popular places in the world. You will find tropical rainforest, underground rivers and legendary archaeological site.

When you stay don’t forget to takea trip to the beautiful site of Tulum. It is called the city of dawn because of an unforgettable view at sunrise. An awsome view of ancient ruins clinging on cliffs that has a turquise sea splashing at the bottom. The ancient palaces and buildings wihtin the walls of the pre-Colombian city are still well kept. You still can see the ornate frescos of the god Maya.

Another trip to the Chichen Itza, the largest archaeological site on the Riviera Maya will unforgettable. The famous El Castillo pyramid is also called the Pyramid of Kukulcan. This city is officially listed as one of the NEW SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD. The trip to the Chichen Itza will take a few hours by coach. However, to see these ruins will be worthwhile. It will also be a hard day sightseesing but you will never forget the awe inspiring experience.

If you want to do something for your body and soul than join the early morning yoga class on the beach. Pilates, tai tai, salsa and merengue are other things you could do, all on the beach. Other sport on offer are kayaking, water polo,aqua golf, beach volleyball and football. Of course, football, it wouldn’t Mexico.

A trip which is very recommendable to join a Fat Cat blast boat tour. ( It speeds along the sea and then stop in a hiden bay to enjoy snorkelling. Then they went to Akumal which means – place of the turtles – in Maya. You can swim with giant turtles, large fish and stingrays.

You couldn’t get bored if you tried to in that awesome place. Here, and haven’t mentioned the delicious Mexican food.yet.