Microsoft may block unauthorized hardware

microsoft-80659_1280Microsoft has revised the terms of use for more own services. Microsoft can authorize action against copied computer games and against unauthorized accessories, recently. Whether it will happen is uncertain.

Microsoft has its revised Terms Earlier this month, respectively its service contract for multiple services. These terms and conditions apply, among other things for a Microsoft account, which is used for example for the use of Windows 10. Although Windows 10 can also use without Microsoft account, some functions may not be available, however. Therefore it can be assumed that the majority of Windows 10 users, the operating system used in conjunction with a Microsoft account.

New Terms of Use

In the new terms and conditions, especially the passage 7b a stir. Because it is Microsoft concedes the right to block “fake games”. In addition, could the “unauthorized use of hardware peripherals” are prevented.

Nevertheless, it is completely unclear whether Microsoft will make it in the future use. If so, the use of copied Windows games may be prejudiced thereby. Want to do with the technical tools Microsoft no legal games licenses locate is not known. It is also unclear how the access is prevented in the game.

Microsoft wants to prevent unauthorized Xbox games controller?

This also applies to the identification of unauthorized hardware. As the use of such hardware is to be prevented, is not known. Currently, it is also unclear what accessories Microsoft has in his sights here. Maybe Microsoft wants to stop the use of unlicensed games controller to the Microsoft Xbox game consoles of model series. Because the Terms of Use also apply to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, but also a number of other services such as Skype, Office 365, Bing, maps and Onedrive.

So far, Microsoft has not responded to questions, so that at present we can only speculate what effect the new terms and conditions in reality.

Addendum dated 17 August 2015 15:38 clock

Uber Twitter has Boris Schneider-Johne, in his product manager for Windows at Microsoft Germany 10 explains, the passage would have long be present in the Terms of use and mainly for the use of Xbox Live apply. It is too early to clarify how the blog came out that the Passage is new. However, Schneider-Johne acknowledged that it is problematic that there are the same conditions of use for all Microsoft products. Thus, the said passage can therefore be applied for systems with Windows 10.