Microsoft prevented Nokia SmartWatch

Microsoft prevented Nokia SmartWatch

Nokia’s SmartWatch should have been Moonraker hot, but it never came to market. Microsoft ended the project before the SmartWatch was fully developed. Nokia should have devised some interesting ideas for it.

Neither Nokia nor Microsoft have been a SmartWatch and left to the market once the competition. This Nokia had actually going forward to be there. Because the company had developed its own SmartWatch, but its acquisition by Microsoft fell victim, as The Verge with reference to several confidential sources who are familiar with the matter, reported. The SmartWatch should thereby use the design ideas of Windows Phone and be named Moonraker after the eponymous James Bond film.

Launch the SmartWatch was definitely planned

Actually had been planned by Nokia, the Moonraker SmartWatch to bring together with the Lumia 930 in the summer of 2014 on the market, they say. But because Microsoft the whole project ceased at the Nokia acquisition, the watch never came to market. Nokia had working prototypes of the SmartWatch selected customers at the Mobile World Congress 2014 shown in order to test the interest.

Microsoft introduced the Moonraker project a, because the launch of another wrist accessory was imminent: Microsoft’s ribbon.

The Moonraker SmartWatch had to allow a number of sensors an automated operation. When the arm was lifted with the SmartWatch on the wrist, the display turned on, pointing to the notifications received. Has the arm lowered, the display switched off again. Thus the longest possible battery life should be achieved by the display was often turned off.

SmartWatch in the Windows Phone Design

The user interface has been adapted to the Windows Phone Design, there was a simple e-mail client, a telephone and a message as well as a Facebook app. Accordingly the Moonraker model could also be used to make phone calls. In addition, there should have been a function to trigger a smartphone camera remotely. The appearance of the dials could be changed by the user, and there were different colored wristbands for the clock.

At present, it is assumed that this SmartWatch will never come to market. Open is whether Microsoft will use some of the ideas for other products. Currently being worked on a new version of tape. This should remain the software platform, but the surface to be renewed. Probably will be released this year after the launch of Windows 10 Microsoft Volume 2.