Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 8 – Official Release Date and Price

Microsoft has officially announced the release date and price of the Surface Pro, the new tablet that, in fact, will join the Surface RT on store shelves offering Intel processors and, above all, the Windows 8 operating system.

The Surface Pro, which will be available from January, 2013, will present a number of important differences compared to the Surface RT, the first tablet created by the Redmond Company. This tablet in fact has an Intel Core i5, in contrast to the RT model based on ARM processor.

The Surface Pro, is an Ultrabook and a tablet at the same time having full Windows 8 operating system, allowing you install traditional programs that work on a Windows platform offering all the features typically found on a desktop computer and notebook.

Microsoft Surface Pro Price

The price of Microsoft Surface Pro starts from $899 for the 64GB version having an Intel Core i5, while the 128GB model costs $999. Both versions will be equipped with the same processor, have 4GB of RAM, an interesting display of 10.6 inch with full HD, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SDXC memory card reader and a Mini Display Port output, which is capable to connect the tablet to an external screen with a resolution up to 2560×1440 pixels.

Since Microsoft Surface Pro uses Windows 8 you can install any application or game that works on any previous versions of Windows and Windows RT. Practically all apps and games available on Windows RT can be run on Microsoft Surface Pro, the only exception is that they run faster. The expectations are big and considering the few issues with this tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro will be a powerful computer and be sure that you will be getting a computer than can run practically all applications without any problems or lags.

The Microsoft Surface Pro’s design is somewhat familiar with that of Microsoft surface. Both have the same VaporMg coating and both have the same curved corners and wide bezel. But how do you note the difference between them? Upon holding them you will surely notice the difference in weight. The Surface Pro is thicker, heavier and bulkier due to the fact that an Intel iCore 5 processor has to be housed with fans. The inside of the Microsoft Surface Pro is also totally different. Apart from the processor, Surface Pro has integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 making it a very powerful PC. Surface Pro has 4GB of RAM compared to the 2GB RAM of its predecessor.