Microsoft updates Windows 10 ahead of the final release and 10 new exciting features in windows 10

Microsoft might have launched the version of the Windows 10 beyond the testers of the company’s group, but just a week away Microsoft launched the new build to the Windows insider, who is the group of testers which will test the software early. Officially, it has not been announced by the Microsoft that this new build is the latest design of the Windows 10. But, the news heard is that this new build is designated as “release to manufacturing” version.
The RTM (release to manufacturing) build is the version of the Windows which Microsoft sends it to the hardware manufacturers so that they can pre-install it on the devices. If the build 10240 is not the official RTM build, the Microsoft will revamps its update which is designated as the less designed build of the Windows 10. But, we can assure that the new version will be similar to this build which Microsoft will send it to the manufacturers and the users who will update their Windows 8.1 will see.
Gabe Aul from Microsoft have written something on the Windows blog: “Over the past few days we’ve been preparing our release pipelines and processes, and this build is one step closer to what customers will start to receive on 7/29.”
Also, the newest build includes an updated version of the default Microsoft’s new browser called as Edge. This latest version of Edge is the fastest version of the browser when compared to the Safari and Chrome. The Office Suite will also be updated and the “preview” labels will be removed “in about one week” said by Gabe Aul.
Windows 8 was the slowest adoption rated version of the Microsoft and all the glory was lost with this new version of the Windows. The Modern UI which was the changed interface, the decision was taken to discard the Start menu and other icons were the bold decision taken from the Microsoft. But, with the Windows 10, Microsoft will look to revamp its glory back.
Windows 10 is basically designed to work across many devices like PC, tablet, laptop, Xbox, and the Microsoft’s own wearable device, Hololens. They have made many improvements, many features have been added, and the interface is completely changed. Let’s see the 10 features that are new in the Windows 10:
1. New start menu
The start menu which was removed in the Windows 8.1 is finally back in windows 10 which converged the basic desktop with the Modern UI interface. This time it has got the familiar design, which is situated at the left corner of the screen like Windows 7, which will show the frequently used application under the panel and it will be sorted according to the alphabetical order.

Windows 10 Start Menu

On top of the start menu, you will find an extra panel, which is similar to the Windows 8, which will help you to pin the favorite apps for quicker access. It allows you to drag the start menu to resize the panel to fit more apps in the panel. These apps can be arranged under a group, and the icons can be resized and set as alive or static.
If you are used to the interface of the windows 8, then windows provide you the option to use it in that manner. You can view the start screen in the full screen mode. You have to go to the Start>Settings>Personalization>Start and then turn on the use Start full screen option.
2. New Window
File Explorer which was known as the Windows Explorer in the earlier version is updated and also the app windows has got the new look. Some of the apps will be in colored icons which matches their brand’s identity and some of the apps will be in light and dark mode in windows. Mobile apps have also got the additional push button to push the app in the full screen as if it is used in the mobile device.
The Snap View is available with some light enhancements, which means you can use the apps in the full screen, half screen, or even the quarter of the screen. For this, you have to drag the app to the corner of the screen.
As, you have snapped the first app, Microsoft will show you the other active apps in the thumbnail and it will allow you to switch or snap the other apps quicker. This feature is only available in the windows 10 with the new version of El capitan. The switch option is only available in the OS X.

3. Hey Cortana!
Cortana is the personal digital assistant and it is the answer of the Microsoft to the Google Now and Siri. Cortana will enable you to manage tasks such as reminder of the important event, organizing schedules, reply emails, and give you suggestions based on your preferences. You can use the spotlight feature in OS X to search the files, folders, and apps.

Windows 10 Cortana Feature

Cortana was available in the mobile device only, but it is also available in the desktop now. You have to give the voice command to wake the Cortana up, or you can hit the speaker button in the taskbar menu. Cortana is available in some languages, so in some regions it is not available.
4. Multiple Desktops
OS X comes with the multiple desktop mode, which is the boon for the Linux and OS X users and it is called Spaces there. If you wish to create the new Desktop, then click the Task View icon or press the windows+Tabs keys. And. Then click on the New Desktop button at the right bottom of the Task View.

Windows 10 Multi Desktop Feature

You can create unlimited desktops to group or arrange the apps. You can move apps from Dekstop to the other using drag and drop feature.
5. Action Center
The user of the OS 7 knows that the Action Center is only available for the updates and for the security notifications. But, in OS X it is updated for the information flow in endless stream. You can find everything which you have missed and you can gain the access from the Action Center. The Action Center is available at the right bottom side of the Taskbar.
6. Microsoft Edge
Edge was known previously as Spartan browser, but is the good call from the Microsoft. The name is not quite unique but is the fastest version of its predecessors in many aspects. Edge has got the sleeker and newer interface. You can switch between the Light and Dark mode from the Settings tab. To give an interactive experience they are integrated with Cortana and Bing.

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Edge has got the new engine Edge HTML, which replaces Trident which was used in Internet Explorer. It is made to render the web pages easily and run faster. Also, you can install third party extensions like you can do in chrome and Firefox.
7. Continuum
Continuum is the feature designed for the hybrid device to switch from the desktop mode to the tablet mode for the tablets lovers. In the Action Center, click Tablet Mode shortcut. This will enable all the apps to work in the tablet mode. You can even connect your device with PC and use all the apps in desktop mode.
8. Universal Apps
Microsoft has created a mission to unify their ecosystem of apps using Universal Apps. The OS X developers can write a single codebase to run on any OS X devices even Hololens. This has reduced the cost and the investment of time to build the apps. You can install any app in the mobile phones from Windows Store and use it as desktop app.
9. Capable command Prompt
The command prompt was stuck in the 90’s thanks to the OS X terminal and Linux. But, in Windows 10 it has got the new look and features such as select lines, drag and drop files and folders to reveal their actual location path, and text. You can also adjust the windows transparency and change the color which is available in the Command Prompt properties.

Windows 10 CMD feature

10. Say Hello to windows Hello
Windows Hello is the new feature in the OS X. Now, you don’t have insert PIN or any passwords to sing in to Windows. This app will allow you to find the fingerprint and the picture of yours to sing in. The scanner is found in the laptops and for the PC the scanning can be done from the web camera.

Certainly, the windows 10 have got the new interface and many exciting features to regain its glory back which was lost in the windows 8.1. Also, they have the downgrade option which is just available for a month of the install, to downgrade to the previous version if you don’t like the new upgrade. This could be the last OS up gradation from the windows and they have tried to made it vast and fully upgraded.