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Migration from Mobile Me to icloud

With Apple’s Mobile Me runs from the first cloud service in the summer of 2012. Who uses iOS 5, Mobile Me customer, and all the advantages of icloud will have on your iPhone and iPod, has transferred his account to icloud. It will only mail, addresses, appointments, reminders and bookmarks from MobileMe to transfer icloud, other benefits of the expiring service provides icloud (still) not available. Requirement is iOS 5 on all your devices in Windows Vista or Windows 7 icloud system growth and the Mac OS X 10.7.2. The transfer of data is relatively smooth, and Mobile Me are the type of service no longer available, iDisk & Co. does.
Switching to start icloud

At the start of the switch, you must call via the web browser icloud www.icloud.com address below. Sign in with your Apple ID, which you can also access Mobile Me. icloud detects that your account has not yet migrated, and guides you to automatically switch to the side at Mobile Me In the first step your Mobile Me account will be transferred to calendar. Publicly shared calendars, you must release it again after the migration. Privately shared calendars require that the subscribers use icloud. You should inform colleagues and friends and make arrangements.

Migration complete

Apple said on various sites – before the final order for migration – which services and which are not even available anymore Gallery, iDisk and provides Web-publishing it until the summer.. Who can umsteigt, (on Mac) certain elements would no longer be secure about Mobile Me, including keychains and other settings. Manager of a family account that can not manage change, but all family members separately on icloud. The transition is complete, your information, see the Web. On IOS device, you can now log on icloud in the setting.
Lack of alternatives for icloud service

icloud offers tons of new intelligent online services that can not come up the previous Mobile Me. Some Mobile Me services are looking at icloud users then in vain. Here, it is time to look for a replacement.

Mobile Me customers were able to publish sites created with iWeb on your Mac directly to Mobile Me, and maintain. This feature is not in icloud. Here, users will need time before the end of the summer of 2012, a Mobile Me web hosting package at a hoster like 1 & 1 book and move their offerings. At 1 & 1 hosting packages from there around 2 € per month.

Also offered in icloud is no longer the Gallery function, ideal for easy publishing of images. Especially just makes Mobile Me just the newcomers who have templates with no programming skills. An alternative is also hosting packages, most offer optional features gallery. Another nice option is to drop box : Users get 2 gigabytes of storage for free, for all types of data. Dropbox offers a gallery feature that allows images to be present class – no programming required.

With MobileMe iDisk, it is at an online volume that can be exploited to make files easily accessible to third parties. Here also, various cloud providers an alternative to the already mentioned drop box is only one provider. Even 5 gigabytes of free space there is at SugarSync , can buy more. Also, backups of Mac-key Federal, email signatures, and provides no more icloud.

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