Miley Cyrus Break Up With Her Boyfriends

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Recently Miley Cyrus has been in news for her topless photo shoot but not for break up with her boyfriend. It’s been very obvious in the celebrity world, but when it comes to celebrity like Miley Cyrus, then it becomes very special.

Perhaps Miley is the most influential and most powerful icon of this generation. She is always surrounded by the controversies. Whether it be for her twerking or for her changing nature of boyfriends. Actually, she is a free spirited girl, who doesn’t want to hold herself in a circle of any relationships.

People are more interested to know about her for any reason or without any reason. This arises the curiosity about her boyfriends. One unusual thing about her is that every time she had a break up, at once she made a super hit album. Both things are correlated strangely.

Let’s take a look about her boyfriends.

She was just merely 14 years old, when she met her first boyfriend Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas was also a member of Jonas Brothers group. The relationship was just survived for one year or so.

Then, Justin Gaston entered in her life. Justin is a singer and actor by profession, but, has been found himself into controversies when he posed nude for PETA’s advertisement. This relationship was also survived for around one year.

Liam Hamsworth, the actor, who has been seen in the movie The Hunger Games. He was performed the role of Gale Hawthorne. Perhaps, this is the most memorable relationship of Miley Cyrus, as she considered Hamsworth as her first serious relationship. But, unfortunately the relationship didn’t last long and had break up within a year. Once again, they reunited after a gap of one year and this time they announced their engagement too. But, again their relationship ended within a year.

There are some news revealed when she had been linked with singer Mike Posner and actor Avan Jogia and Josh Bowman. Those were just brief linkages of one month or so and are considered as rumors, as no confirmations are come out from media afterwards.

Currently Miley Cyrus has not boyfriend. This was confirmed from her latest post on twitter, as she wrote there “I want a boyfriend”.

In the mean time, a rumored was spread that Miley Cyrus is linked with actor Kellan Lutz. You may know who is Kellan Lutz. Yes, you are right. Kellan Lutz has been seen in the move Twilight Saga as Emmett Cullen. But, Kellan Lutz has denied and flushes out all the rumors of dating Miley Cyrus.