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Mind is a Mystery


In fact, human mentality is the most wonderful thing because nobody knows when it changes and how. Nature keeps changing according to seasons. The food habits of animals do not change but no two human minds are alike. Their ways of thinking are different even if they are brothers and sisters born of the same parents. From times immemorial, philosophers have been trying to study the intricacies of human mind but of no avail in tangible terms. After all, even philosophers are also human beings! The Greek philosophers Aristotle, Plato and Socrates are significant among them from the western world.

Having studied a lot about ‘Mind’, the final message given by Socrates was “know thyself first, and the rest will be revealed automatically”. It’s not an ordinary thing to know oneself but it’s easier to know about others and analyze their minds and ways of thinking. It’s matter of common experience that we are good at finding others mistakes and eager to point them out. On the contrary, we fail to find out our mistakes and even if we do, we hesitate to point them out to others. That way it’s difficult, if not impossible, to analyze one’s own self.

Yet, when we compare the awesome mind-power of human beings with the relatively meager capabilities found throughout the animal kingdom, the difference is startling! Yes, we find animals such as chimpanzees stripping leaves from twigs to craft ‘tools,’ and we may marvel at how Koko the gorilla was taught to communicate through simple sign language. Human beings have scaled amazing heights and achieved astonishing feats of vision, planning, creativity and imagination. For many decades, scientists have poked, prodded and probed the brain, hoping to find clues to the mystery of how our brains make us who we are. In doing so, they have uncovered surprising facts that may pose a challenge to many people’s religious and philosophical understandings.

Science has demonstrated that there is a very physical component to our minds—to our personality and our intellect. Who we are as individuals is very dependent on the physical condition, health, and structure of our brains, and altering that structure can bring fundamental changes in core aspects of our personality and even our values. Human beings see the world through physical eyes that collect physical light and focus it onto physical retinas in our two eyes. Electrical signals then migrate to the brain, where they register that something has been seen. Similarly, as human beings, we hear the world through physical ears, feel it through physical touch, and smell it through a physical nose. The brain collects, channels, processes and manages all this incoming sensory.

Even though many experiments were conducted and theories arrived at, relating to the concepts of ‘Mind and Soul’, people did not accept them. Those days whatever the King, Ruler or Religious leader said was accepted in unequivocal terms.

Mind is a Mystery
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