Minecraft Costume

Minecraft Steve Costume

One of the more popular costumes of the season is sure to be a magnificent Minecraft costume.

If you have never played this before, you can be sure that your kids already know about it; and are probably playing it on a daily basis. It is, I must admit, rather addicting and extremely easy to waste hours at a time.

How to Make Your Own Minecraft Costume

When it comes to making your own Minecraft Halloween costume, you essentially have two options; build it yourself or buy the components online. Being the lazy type of guy that I am, I actually prefer to simply buy everything I will need online and then put it together myself.

With that being said, all you really need to decide now is whether you plan to dress in a Minecraft Steve costume or in a fantastic Minecraft Creeper costume. For this article, we will focus on Steve.

You will definitely want to grab the Minecraft Steve Head featured above, along with an awesome new Minecraft shirt.

Minecraft Shirt

Finally, you will want to grab one of the awesome Minecraft costume accessories that are currently available. I actually prefer the foam sword but the foam pickaxe is pretty awesome as well. Additionally, you can even find a few pendant and other small items that will really help put your Minecraft costume over the top this Halloween season!