Minecraft Creeper Costume

The retro inspired Minecraft game has captivated the minds of millions of kids and adults across the globe. The characters and the story line may simplistic, at first, but as you start to dig deeper you will find that this game is surprisingly complex!

Despite its pixilated graphics and oversimplified concept, it is simply amazing how addicting this game can be. I am constantly amazed at how five more minutes can turn into three hours without much effort.

In addition to Minecraft inspired merchandise, there are also a few awesome Minecraft Halloween costumes available for those who simply cannot get enough.

Minecraft Creeper Costume

Minecraft Costume Masks

Perhaps the best to place to start when putting together your Minecraft Costume is with a fantastic Minecraft costume mask.

Measuring 12′ x 12′, these masks are large enough for adults but not so big that older kids, even teens, could not wear it comfortably. During this Halloween season, this mask was certainly overpriced. Fortunately, the price has come down a lot and they are much more reasonably priced.

What’s more, you can now even buy the exciting new Enderman costume mask that fans have been asking for all year! Grab all three and save!

Minecraft Shirt

Minecraft T Shirts

Since Creepers do not need weapons it is crucial that you pair the mask with an awesome shirt. I really like the green Creeper inspired shirt due to its relatively simplicity; there is no doubt what you are while wearing this shirt.

If, however, you are looking for a shirt that customers cannot get enough of then this shirt, which features Steve, chickens, pigs, and even a Creeper, is what you really want!

Despite the fact that this is a simple concept, dressing in a Minecraft Creeper costume is certainly a great idea this Halloween season! This officially licensed shirt is sure to attract a lot of positive comments.