Mini Cooper Mods and Parts Upgrade Overview

Owning a Mini Cooper is like owning a piece of history. The Mini Cooper was first released in 1959. In all honesty, the earliest incarnations of the Mini Cooper were complete crap, but they did look pretty cute. Fortunately the modern version of this car is made by BMW so you get both cuteness and performance. The modern version is definitely much better than the original version. As great as this car is, many people like to customize theirs with Mini Cooper mods.
There are many different types of mods available for these cars. Here are some popular mods for this cute little car.

Performance Mods

Performance is often the first mod that MC owners want to install. You may choose to soup up the engine, or simply adjust the cornering of the car so you can get more speed into the corners and allow you to “get on the gas” faster when coming out of the corners. Suspension tweaks, custom air intake mods, custom exhaust, and many other performance mods are available for this car.

Wheels and Suspension

The best way to separate your Cooper from the other Coopers is to customize it with some new wheels. There is no better way to customize your car then getting a new set of wheels for your car. As mentioned above the suspension can be considered a performance enhancing modification, but it can also be simply for looks. You may want to buy larger wheels, wider tires, and drop the suspension an inch or two for even better looks.

Roof Racks

As fun as the Austin Cooper is to drive, it is very hard to use for carrying a lot of extra cargo. If you are a skier, a snowboarder, or a cyclist then you know it can be very impracticable to carry all your outdoors adventure gear in the back of a Cooper. Fortunately, there are many roof racks and cargo boxes available for this car. You can even buy roof-mounted bicycle racks that are custom designed for the smaller roof of the Austin Cooper.


You can customize any facet of your car, even without using aftermarket parts. BMW makes a large variety of customization parts for the Cooper allowing you to customize everything from adding a unique shifter knob to custom valve stem caps. You can also buy all weather floor mats that not only look great, but help to preserve your car from all the dirt, mud, fit, and snow that can get tracked in when you drive this car daily.

When customizing your Mini Cooper it is vital that before you begin, you decide what your intended purpose is. Do you want to increase performance so you can go faster or do you simply want to make your car look better? Do you really need a few extra horsepower for the motor or will you be fine with simply customizing the looks of your car? The cool thing is with Mini Cooper mods you can do both.

The great thing about customizing this car is you have a lot of options. You have a large list of factory made and installed mods you can buy directly from BMW as well as numerous aftermarket parts companies that specialize in Mini Cooper mods.

If you want to stick with official Mini Cooper mods and not resort to aftermarket specialists then you can rest assured that you can still make your car look very unique and unlike any other Cooper on the roads because there are so many different mods available along with countless versions of each mod. You own one of the coolest cars around and now you need to “make it you own” by customizing it to fit your own personality.