Minnesota Zoo Discount Coupon

Do you want to spend your day full of fun using the Minnesota Zoo discount coupon? Then, hurry and get your butt in gear! It’s time to feast your eyes on a variety of animals to warm your heart!

Bring your family and spend an awesome day at the Minnesota Zoo and avail of a good discount using the Minnesota Zoo discount Coupon. There is nothing more wonderful than going back to nature and frolicking with one’s favorite animals. The Minnesota Zoo occupies 500 acres of property that is open to everyone who wants to have tons of fun and merriment.

Main Attraction

The Minnesota Zoo features an array of indoor exhibits against a spectacular backdrop of verdant forest. Heading towards the Tropics Trail, one is amazed by those furry sun bears and lemurs. You can spend a lazy day just watching how the adult animals take care of the young. Then, Discovery Bay offers a few lessons about dolphins and their behavior. Indeed, it is truly fun when they do their playful executions to entertain everyone.

Do you love otters, beavers and pumas? Take the Minnesota Trails and get a good view of these interesting animals. The Minnesota Zoo also features a variety of sharks and how they are fed when it’s time for their meals.

The zoo offers an outdoor amphitheater featuring bird shows when summer arrives. In winter, these thrilling shows are displayed indoors for the comfort of visitors. For those interested to see young baby animals and others, make a stop at the Wells Fargo Farm.

During summer, the Minnesota Zoo holds an exciting Music In The Zoo festival with popular names in the entertainment industry. While enjoying the spectacular voices of guest entertainers, one can take a look around a fantastic butterfly garden nearby. Oh, the excitement never really ends!

Visiting the zoo can only be complete by watching a film at the IMAX Theatre. Minnesota Zoo discount tickets can be purchased inside to see firsthand your favorite animals and at the same time watch a great film that uses state-of-the-art technology.

Discounts and Memberships

Anyone can avail of the Minnesota Zoo discount admission so the visitation won’t be so expensive. You just need to obtain the Minnesota Zoo discount coupon so you can get your hands on reduced admission charges and enjoy scheduled free visits. Just go and check their website from time to time for featured discounts.

Anyone interested to make regular visits to the Minnesota Zoo can purchase a membership for more benefits. This will include free parking, admission and a 50% discount can be availed for entrance to 100 other zoos throughout the United States. You certainly don’t want to miss the thrill, would you? And don’t forget, your fun and excitement will start with the Minnesota Zoo discount coupon.

A Thrilling Ride On The Monorail Train

The Best Rides

To top it all, never miss getting on board the Monorail train which is just behind Discovery Bay on the upper level. Each ride costs $2 for zoo members and $4 for ages three and above. The thrilling ride takes riders along a scenic route where Northern Hemisphere animals are seen roaming around. No worry because there is a guide who gives a detailed narration from the start of the trip to the finish.

After that mind-boggling ride, visitors can treat themselves to mouth-watering meals at the Call of the Wild food court. There is a scrumptious array of salads, vegetarian choices and freshly-grilled portions to choose from. Near the entrance is the Zoo Café that serves delicious treats and coffee.

Baby Strollers

Moms may rent baby strollers at $5/singles and $7/doubles. Inquiries can be done at the Guest Services desk for their availability. For families with little kids that have had quite enough of the outdoor fun, they can choose to relax in the Kid’s Den. Inside, there are some interesting stuff like books, puppets, costumes and other crafts.

For those who want to purchase souvenirs, there are some unique gift shops inside the zoo that offer diverse appealing items to bring home after the day’s end. On occasion, the Minnesota Zoo discounts can be availed on some of the items on display on certain days.

Currently, the Minnesota Zoo offers a $5 discount to zoo members. This will apply only upon registration to any Family Program online. The $5 discount is taken off the total registration fee. After going through the process, the Minnesota Zoo discount coupon code – ZooKids11 is entered at the checkout.

Events And Activities

The Minnesota Zoo hosts parties at $70 and additional fees of $7/adult and $4/child. Party inclusions are invitations, guest admissions, birthday cake, drinks, party favors, shop discounts, photo and table preparations. To make a booking in advance, just call 952-431-9213.

The Minnesota Zoo offers diverse programs for educational purposes that include classes for preschool kids and families. It also features informative tours and overnight stays for families. Dolphin Encounters are offered at $125/participant. Kids ages 10 and above are allowed, but adults should accompany those below 16.

The Minnesota Zoo accommodates one-day programs or a week-long affair open to ages 4 and above that can be either conducted half-day or the whole day. Just call 952.431.9200 for more inquiries.

Volunteer Programs

For those who are interested to volunteer, teenagers can offer their time and help with camp activities during summer and other special events. Trainings are conducted on Saturdays during the month of May. These are open to kids who are 15 and above. However, some events give opportunities to younger volunteers age 10. They just need to be accompanied by parents, though. For further inquiries, contact 952.431.9202.


There is no more time to lose, set a day or week with fun and excitement by booking well in advance of your chosen date at the Minnesota Zoo. You may opt to purchase a membership for more benefits. By doing this, you will be able to arrange events like birthdays and group tours. What’s more? You will pay a lot less with the Minnesota Zoo discount coupon. It’s time to grab the membership now!