Mirena IUD Can Cause Potentially Fatal Side Effects

Mirena is a popular Intrauterine Device (IUD). This device is implanted in the uterus and slowly releases birth control medication. The idea is that the patient will not have to worry about taking medication every day, instead having the medication automatically released for many weeks until the device is replaced. While the concept is a good one, the device itself is not safe. Not only can the medication cause serious side effects, the device itself can cause physical damage to the uterus. If you have used Mirena IUD, and you have suffered from its severe side effects, you may be able to file a Mirena lawsuit. Contact a Mirena attorney today to learn more.

What is an Intrauterine Device?

Decades ago, when birth control was first being developed, many women did not like the idea of taking a pill each and every day to avoid becoming pregnant. Pharmaceutical companies quickly developed intra uterine devices to help corner that market niche.
Throughout the years, as IUD’s have been developed, they have also been heavily recalled. These devices easily become lodged in the uterus and often require surgery to remove them. While they come in all sorts of shapes, the latest and most popular is the Mirena IUD marketed by Bayer.

Side Effects of Mirena IUD

While the medication from the IUD can have side effects, such as acne, weight gain, and back pain, there are bigger problems that need to be addressed. Those problems stem from the device being located inside of the uterus.

Mirena IUD has been known to cause:

• Uterine Perforation
• Ongoing Bleeding
• Severe Cramping
• Migration of the device outside of the uterus
• Mirena expulsion

All of these side effects can have long lasting effects on the female body. While some may cause temporary pain, and costly medical bills to fix, others can cause permanent damage that will make it difficult, or impossible, to become pregnant in the future.

Filing your Mirena Lawsuit

If you have suffered from the use of Mirena IUD, you may be able to file a Mirena lawsuit. Your first step is to contact a Mirena attorney to discuss your case and whether or not you will be able to collect compensation to cover medical bills and other damages. The initial consultation is always free, and you are under no obligation to go any further.