Missing Things In Life

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Today I did things I don’t normally do,

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I know your going to think I’m a little odd.

I walked out into the woods just to think about you,

alone was what I needed, so in the leaves I trod.

All of beautiful nature I saw, a squirrel in a tree,

a rabbit ran through some brush, then was hid.

A lot of life you can miss, like how important you are to me,

not thinking on the rabbit or squirrel, just what to you I did.

The trees so tall and beautiful, each a different shade of green,

the leaves moving so gently with the wind, it all felt so good.

I’ve walked these woods before, but many of these things not seen,

and with you, I see what I missed, things not done when I should.

As deeper into the woods, my mind on how I did wrong,

thoughts streaming through my mind, I went on.

Didn’t really feel like singing, but finally a sad song,

then I stopped to think, this time you were gone.

Sometimes you come to a place in life, no way to turn around,

many times the little things and important, you leave out.

You wish you could start over again, for me that place not found,

I had been wondering around in life, I had forgot what life is about.

Not noticing where I’d walked, I looked and I was lost,

never this far into the woods, had I walked before.

Life is funny, you can lose things and not see the cost,

I lost you, never to have you again……anymore!!!

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Missing Things In Life, Seekyt
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