MMA Training and Self-Defense

When it’s not a sport there are several important concerns to be aware of.

Questions will arise about MMA training and its relationship to self-defense training. Commonly, people will wonder whether or not a sportive endeavor is helpful as a self-defense art. The answer to this question is yes provided you perform the proper alterations required to transition your sport training into the self-defense realm. How is this done? The process is far easier than you think PROVIDED you invest the bulk of your time training the basics when enrolled in a mixed martial arts gym.

In the most basic of basic terms, MMA training falls into three areas: standup, the clinch, and ground grappling. You could even call this 2 ½ since clinch work derives from grappling and striking arts.

Through proper comprehensive MMA training, you will gain the benefit of being able to effectively perform offense and defense in a large pool of striking and wrestling arts. You will develop your physical conditioning in these areas and you are advised to spar as much as you can to gain valuable performance based experience.

To address the self-defense component entails defining what self-defense is. In the most commonly understood form, self-defense is considered to protecting yourself from harm against unlawful, violent, aggressive, or otherwise threatening behavior.

The exact definition of self-defense would be a legal term based on the laws of your state. While individual statutes will vary, the law defines self-defense as the appropriate use of force in a given situation. Excessive force, fighting, and assault are not legally defined forms of self-defense!

Always consult your state’s legal code for the specific definition of self-defense. When enrolled in mixed martial arts in Portland for example, you would obviously want to follow Oregon state law.

That said, MMA workouts for self-defense should be situational and environmental. Effective training of self-defense entails mimicking and role-playing real life situations where self-defense tactics may be required. Doing this enhances your ability to defend yourself without hesitation and in an effective manner. You may also need to learn the basics of how to deal with attacks involving edged or blunt weapons. And yes, you do need to learn the basic skills of proper offense and defense. MMA gyms can definitely help you in this regard.

Your physical tools and techniques will come from your mixed martial arts training. After all, you do need to know how to hit, how to escape from the ground, reverse takedowns, and deal with brawlers. The physical tools and conditioning training offered in MMA gyms can definitely help you attain the much needed skill required to effectively address such scenarios.

Finally, do not get over-confident just because you’ve had some martial arts training. A real life fight is always dangerous and avoidance is always the best choice.

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