Mobile App Marketing Gone Wrong

A whole new fashion, and form of engagement, Mobile apps are everywhere. They account almost 90% of the time a user will spend on his/her Smartphone. App development is catching its pace and they are here to stay. Marketing your app is an essential to make it a buzz but doing it right is even more essential. App marketing companies and App marketing services are a helping hand to do it the right way.

To avoid yourself from being a target of over expenditures and disheartening results, here are listed the most common mistakes that developers often make while advertising their app. Have a look:

Not giving some exceptional reason

Building an app with some ordinary and regular reason is sheer waste of time and money. Just because many people and business are investing in apps does not means you should follow the herd. You need exceptional and an appropriate reason to develop it and then offer your users the same. Highlight the values and peculiar points that will attract the users.

Starting it up without a MARKETING plan

The worst thing that you can do to your app is starting if off without any marketing plan. Advertising and announcing your app in advance is a great way of grabbing eye balls and letting them know your presence. Optimize well and start from the initial phase.

Not differentiating between in Mobile Site and Mobile App

There is a huge and big difference between in mobile apps and mobile sites. Sadly, most of the developers mistake it with the mobile version of their site. Mobile applications or apps, provide exclusive information however, the mobile version of your website is just the conversion of the website to a small sized screen.

Keep tracks on User Retention

Another important detailing factor that often goes unnoticed is the user retention. A large number of downloads is useless if the app has not been used and is an indicator of failure in future times. So, try to inculcate some new features, benefits, exclusive content and something new to keep your app interesting and worth retaining.

Launching on Multiple Platforms

Launching any app on a particular platform narrows the popularity and thus affecting the success rates. Don’t fail to understand a fact that each platform has unique requirements and they should never be mixed up.

Treating it like a Desktop Version

Don’t try to shrink down your desktop version of site to a mobile screen, instead treat the mobile app as a new cart to experience and an opportunity to widen your horizon of scope. Mimic-ing the desktop page will only hamper the idea and make your app a blessing in disguise.

Offer a Two way Communication

As an app, you are in someone’s pocket the entire day! What else you will want. To amplify and improve your loyal customer base, make your app a 2 way communication, so that the users can engage and get in touch with you as easily as possible. Customers face several issues and they should be brought to you in order to make your app better and best!

Never ignore the Feedback part

Feedback are a mirror to other users and they directly affect the download potential of any app. Make your feedback positive and responsive as much as possible. Try to post those feedback first that look real and are positive. If your app has it, it will be visible in the feedback and review part.

And with this, almost all of the marketing mistakes are decoded. Keep them in mind while starting the process.

Encapsulating all the ideas and mistakes, it is highly recommended to think first. We have profiled the most common ones. Make your app marketing firm and accurate and then see wonders!