Mobile Broadband Versus Tablet Broadband

It seems now that every gadget and gizmo in the world is capable of connecting to the internet and for most of us we like to stay connected; whether we want to keep up with our friends and families or work wherever we happen to be. Having the internet wherever you are is incredibly useful and many of us like to use the internet for hours a day. If you travel a lot or need to work from hotels and on the go then having either mobile or tablet broadband gives you access to the internet 24/7. However, it’s hard to know which one is better and with that in mind I thought I’d take a brief look at mobile broadband versus tablet broadband.

Tablet Broadband

Tablet sales have been skyrocketing over the last few years and they have become one of the most popular ways you can stay connected and use the internet on the go. One of the biggest advantages of tablets are that they are incredibly portable and weigh next to nothing. Now that you can get roll mat keyboards to overcome the typing speed issues that many people were having tablet broadband has become one of the easiest ways of working on the go. At the same time the large variety of Apps and easy interfaces have made tablets incredibly popular and versatile. They allow you to easily keep up to date and in contact with your friends and family without the need to carry a computer around. However, most smart phones now have many of these functions and Apps so you may be better considering mobile broadband if your primary concern is working. In terms of what’s available tablet all come with Wi-Fi as standard but tablet broadband packages tend to be fairly expensive; for example iPad contracts will tend to cost upward of £40 a month for an 18 month contract. There are some cheaper packages available and you will save compared to the costs of a laptop if you don’t already have one.

Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband comes in a few forms with the most common being a USB dongle that fits into your USB port. These dongles let you us broadband from any internet capable device which makes them very versatile. Mobile broadband tends to be cheaper than tablet broadband and you have the option for pay as you go mobile broadband which is great if you don’t need or want to use mobile internet heavily. However, the greatest advantage to mobile broadband is that you have all the versatility of a normal laptop for business or work. If you need to work on the go then mobile broadband is much more versatile and useful for most people. In terms of just staying in touch a tablet provides a much more portable platform but the speeds and quality of mobile broadband remains higher for the time being at least. Mobile broadband packages are a lot cheaper than most tablet packages – which tend to include the cost of a tablet as well.