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Modern Front Door Designs for Bungalows

For a house which has been carefully and meticulously planned for a complete modern look, a thoughtful modern front door can add significantly to the detail. Doors are often an afterthought, whereas they should be the starting point of the interior designing plan.

Instead of considering doors as a significant design element and focusing on it, most of us homeowners allot greater thought in choosing the paint and what wall decors will best complement the paint. So, we’ve decided to showcase the often underestimated power of doors through this article.

Modern Doors

Gone are the days when doors were meant to be made of solid oak or teak with artistic engravings. Though they can be cherished as antiques, the modern doors no longer abide by the rule of exclusivity anymore.

Modern doors mostly custom made and feature a combination of materials fused together to give doors substance and appeal. While wood continues to charm us with its elegances, modern doors are now using it with a combination of other materials such as metal, glass and lacquer.

The use of other materials has not only helped enhance the strength and life of doors but has emerged to become a major statement maker.

Wooden Doors

Wood is timeless and continues to enthrall. However, the use of metal or glass to helps add texture and detail to the overall look. Take for instance the above image, where the use of coordinated painted glass gives detail and dimension to the otherwise sober oak door. No frills, no accessories, yet impactful.

Metal Doors

Stainless steel was always perceived as a boring lackluster metal that only delivered strength. However, stainless steel has evolved and transformed into a style statement. It is now a preferred option for many modern homes because it delivers strength with style. Stainless steel can be easily customized to achieve impressive and remarkable designs, sometimes even better than wood.

Also, when stainless steel doors are used with glass or wood, the appeal is increased by one notch. For instance the above sequentially dotted glossy stainless steel door is accentuated by the full length glass frame beside it.

Glass Doors

Glass doors offer a regal and luxurious appeal and also help make room spaces appear bigger than they actually are. When lined with metal or wood, they offer superior strength as well. As a matter of fact some of the most interesting door designs are made of metal and glass combination. Strategically built-in panes in their vertical positions, in singular or bi-fold format, make them true pieces of art just as the one above.

Which kind of doors do you consider to have the best contemporary appeal? Share your thoughts and opinions with us below.

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