Modern Lamps – Lighting Solution for Contemporary Interiors

Lighting plays a very crucial role in interior decoration and we always consider the practical implications while deciding the lighting scheme of our house. Whether we want to add some brightness to our room or highlight a specific piece of furniture, we choose the light fixtures accordingly. However, sometimes we need to change the feel and look of the room as per our mood, time of the day or according to the season. Floor and table lamps offer us this flexibility, which existing fixed lights can never accomplish.

Lamps help in both lighting and decorating a room. By placing lamps in proper locations, you can achieve the desired ambience. It could be to add task lighting for studying purposes or putting ambient lighting for creating a specific atmosphere. Adding some modern lamps to your lighting scheme can give you the versatility you need, all while giving a fashionable and modern day look. Be it a modern floor lamp with interesting glass deign or sleek geometrical lamp with straight lines, these vibrantly designed contemporary modern lamps are quite practical and also help to beautifully illuminate the room.

Here are some tips to keep in mind, when adding modern lamps to your décor:

1. Put table lamps on shelves or place them on the end tables so that they create a subtle glow on walls by emitting light inwards.

2. You can put a modern floor lamp near an armchair or a recliner so that it can also act as a reading light.

3. Placing a lamp near a plant creates some wonderful wall and ceiling shadows, which look both amazing and intriguing.

4. You can also keep a standing lamp or table lamp next to your LCD to avoid unnecessary glare on the TV screen.

5. For a quirky look, try stacking some books on a side table and then place a table lamp on top.

6. You can also enhance the look of your favorite painting, family photo or an art object, by putting a lamp below it for added emphasis.

7. Placing modern lamps with some candles in the dining area can also help create a romantic ambience.

8. Try to mix and match various lamp shades to add a hint of color to any room.

9. Make sure that the neck of the lamp is never visible from under the shade.

10. Always opt for energy efficient and good quality bulbs for your modern lamps.

A vast variety of modern lamps are available in the market these days and you can use them to transform the feel and decor of any room in your house. Place them in the corners or put them on shelves to create a sense of spaciousness and add a comforting feel to the room.

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