Modern Track Lighting Ideas

When we think of track lighting, we usually think of spotlighting certain items in our house, showcasing art pieces or lighting up sculptures. What we fail, sometimes, to understand is that track lighting can be part of the overall design of the home, actually creating mood or ambiance, especially when we make use of light, color and spacing. Modern track lighting can add beauty and style to your home in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.

There is a definite difference between recessed track lighting and modern track lighting. It is no longer necessary to hide the lights, as we used to do with track lighting. Track lighting “track heads” come in all colors and finishes, from chrome to complex fixtures to brushed nickel and many that combine metal and glass. Options such as extenders provide variety in style as well, providing a difference that extends past functional.

Quite the contrary, modern track lighting is an art form in itself. Part of the reason is because of the variety in medium. Metal track lighting is still standard, but art glass domes are truly a work of art.

Many of these can be hand blown glass domes, in a variety of shades and even combining shades, colors like deep blues mixed with greens, some still containing the bubbles from the hand crafting.

The deep colors themselves can add to the overall ambiance of a room and no two are alike, as they are often hand blown, most notably Venetian glass. The primary difference between track lighting and monorail track lighting is that monorail lighting can often be flexed and bent into different shapes and designs, adding to the art form in and of itself.

Monorail systems also tend to use much lower voltage than standard track lighting systems. Also unlike the monorail predecessor, monorail lighting can be mounted as traditional track lighting, horizontally or vertically, along a wall, for example.

Another difference is that it is possible to mix and match the domes, adding a variety of shapes and styles to the mix. Modern track lighting resembles in little way the track lighting of the past. We can choose the look by altering the track itself or the mounts that we choose to use on that track.

We may opt for metal or a wide variety of glass domes that come in all sorts of shades and sizes. Track lighting is no longer about showcasing art; it is art itself.