Modi has Failed the Armed Forces

Narendra Modi had started his election campaign by an address to ex-servicemen at Rewari in Haryana. At that time he stated thaat as and when he comes to power, he would insure that One rank One Penssion(OROP) would be sanctioned by him. This is a long standing demand of the services and basically means that all soldiers irrespective of their date of retirement would draw the same pension as drawn by a newly retired serviceman. This is a legitimate demand as pensions have eroded in value and old timers some time draw less than 30% of a newly retired soldier.

Narendra continued repeating this mantra even after he was voted into power and in an addres to soldiers in the Siachen lacier annonced grandly that it was his good luck that he hd been chosen by fate to insure that OROP is sanctioned for the soldier. But ltater it turned out that all this was plain talk and nothing else. His talk was like water in a sieve and itsoon vanished. Why he talked like this is anybodys’s guess.

In real terms the Modi government failed to issue a letter of saanction for OROP and the two important minister in the government namely the finanne minister Mr. Jaitley and the Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar began to talk in negative voices on the subject of pensions for the ex-soldiers. They reportedly felt there ws no clarity on the issue and looked to derail the demand by infructuous comments and actions. It was clear that they were acting at the behest of the Prime Minister. It is not possible that these 2 important minsters would be talking out of turn. Modi must have given his concurrence for whatever the 2 ministers said.

The Bharitya Janta Party headed by Modi thus clearly developed cold feet on the issue of OROP. One wonders why as the only reason appears to be an apathy to not give the services their due. Right from the time of Nehru the services have been having a raw deal from the civilian government. Modi has only carried on in the same manner. The poor man does not realize that a demoralized army can be a great drawback in his bid for a status of a great leder