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Modular Offices May Promote Productivity In The Workplace


Modular offices and homes are fast gaining in popularity because of many factors. There are no on-site delays for any reason, neither is the progress affected by weather. There quick assembly is a very real benefit with a building sometimes being erected in a matter of hours.

Modular Offices

Modular offices are designs that are built in a factory environment and then assembled on site in a matter of hours, days or weeks. They do not take as long to construct as the more traditional office buildings and they can be modified or extended as the company grows. These offices are more functional and flexible for their users as they are made from more sustainable materials that are mostly dust free, especially during construction. They allow for much quicker sharing of information and improve communication.

These modern designs can be painted in bright colors and filled with modular furniture. They are fitted with shelves, cupboards and drawers that will help increase the productivity of office workers. Modular office cubicles are able to provide privacy that every office worker needs and at the same time keep them engaged with others. They take up far less office space and this can be allocated based on function and not work position.

They are the ultimate in a private and communal balance. Workers can socialize while they work and the feeling of community is essential for creativity and productivity. An environment that promotes interaction amongst staff will experience far greater staff performance and productivity, because staff will be happier. Happy employees will not only work harder, but also longer and this will only contribute to the companies overall success and achievements.

Modular Homes

A modular home basically takes the same form as modular offices which are all created indoors on a factory site. Once they have been finished they are transported to locations where they are assembled. These are homes that have been built on another site and not actually on site, but they are not mobile homes. Modular homes are also sometimes known as pre-fab homes, system-built or factory-built homes. Manufactured homes are not modular homes because they can be moved from one location to another as they have not been placed on permanent foundations.

Modular homes may be customized to your specific preferences and they do no depreciate in value. They are regarded as real property because they are permanent structures and their style and size designs vary. They are considered a form of a ‘Green Building’ and fully a site built home. The loans, taxes and insurance for these homes is exactly the same. These pre-fab homes can be created to include all modern conveniences and be completely accessible.

Modular homes do not have design limitations and they look completely different from each other. You can have whatever style you prefer whether it is colonial or Mediterranean. Any type of architectural detail or style you like can be added. Modular homes offer everyone the option to design and create their dream home at a lower cost and a faster pace. The factory-built sections of modular homes are assembled on site by huge cranes and cannot be moved once in place.

The construction process has to conform to building codes, guidelines and very specific rules. These homes offer many personalized features such as ceramic floors, wood cabinets, counter tops, plumbing fixtures and exterior finishes and much more. Paneled walls can also be taken down and redone to accommodate another user. You can customize your home to suit your own personal tastes.

Modular Classrooms

The modular building process of assembling classrooms saves time and it has many other advantages. This one of the best construction techniques for those who need building space fast. With this type of building it is the approval and licensing that takes up all the time, while the building is usually erected in a few days. These are usually more value for money because of the cost efficiency. As classrooms, these are sometimes designed as temporary structures that can be moved to multiple locations at a later stage, depending on the schools requirements.

Schools are fast realizing that sustainable buildings have benefits and are requesting classrooms that are greener. This has caused the modular construction industry to take notice and begin using more green materials which are energy efficient and environmentally friendly in the construction process. Many schools now sport energy-saving modular classroom designs.

Modular Medical Center/Clinic

Modular offices can be erected as pre-fab clinics or medical centers and they are especially welcome in areas where medical facilities are sorely lacking or difficult to reach. The greatest advantage of these is that they can be constructed much quicker than the more traditional buildings which means that they become operational sooner. These buildings are especially beneficial in the case of emergencies.

Business office managers and administrators in the medical industry are often faced with difficult decisions when it comes to space acquisitions and facilities. It is precisely because of all the constant changes that they find their best solutions in modular buildings. These can be provided in all sizes, are affordable, flexible and temporary or permanent structures. It may be a single structure medical clinic that is based in a rural area or medical offices that are required in an urban area, these modular structures are quick and easy to build. Modular offices can be the solution for creating much needed healthcare facilities within a specific time frame and budget.


Dealing with a Modular Construction Company or any construction company should be a smooth process, without any hassles. The building you want should meet your immediate and future needs for space. You may find the building process a challenging one. Any construction company should be happy to answer all your questions swiftly and make sure you have a delightful experience.

Although it is important to shop around you can visit different modular sites if you are looking for the highest quality standards and best service in the construction of modular offices or homes. Different companies will offer significant differences in service, price and quality, but in order to avoid any disappointment you should make sure you do your research and choose a reputable companyIMAGE CREDIT: Morguefile

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