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Moisture Resistance Webbing Sling Made with Polyester

Webbing slings are available as lifting equipments that are designed with polyester of high tenacity. These slings are perfect to use in commercial, industrial and residential sectors to lift products of heavy or light weight while transportation. An added toughness is provided with these equipments to perform heavy weight loading task. Furthermore, the slings are also applicable for explosive materials. These equipments are also known as material handling equipments available in a number of specifications and size. Usually, the suppliers offer them with EWL ranging from 50cm to 100 meters, SWL ranging from 500kg to 150 tons, width ranging from 25mm to 300mm and layers ranging from 1 ply to 4ply. the equipments are provided with some lines of lack color in the surface that indicate about safe and secure working load on the sling.

A variety of slings are available in the market such as endless slings, eye slings, and clover leaf slings. All of them are regulated with sophisticated and advanced machineries. In addition, the equipments are WLL & Length printed, due to which you can avail them in a number of colors. Some of the slings are manufactured from Nylon, PP with a safety factor ranging from 5:1 to 8:1. With low elongation, the equipments are easy to handle any kind of load with their light weight structure. Additionally, they also protect you against cargo surface damage and you can adapt them in any shape of your choice with their flexible nature. They are color coded in accordance to the latest standards for easy identification.

The length and layers of these equipments can be customized according to the desired need. They provide resistance to heat up to 100? and resistance to cold up to -40?. Moreover, the products are designed with long functional life and great safety. These are featured with high reliability and durability to work with other equipments. In addition, they are provided with high weight ratio strength and require low maintenance. Available in different models, the products are ISO and CE certified and are highly appreciating for their anti-abrasion and anti-cutting nature.

You can buy them with excellent resistance against oil, UV degradation, moisture and chemicals. They are designed with best standard dimensional tolerance to provide effective lifting operation. Along with PU impregnated nature, some of the products are manufactured with flat eyes and some of them have steel end fitting. They provide with less injury risk to the operators or user. The professionals specially designed them for smaller load bearing capacities. Moreover, the webbing slings are available at cheapest prices in the market on online sold by various certified suppliers. They are also perfect to use in marine industry for lifting applications as well.

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