Mold Resistant Insulation

Mold resistant insulation, whether cellulose or spray in foam, is very important to use in today’s world. As time has gone by, we’ve learned more about the negative health effects of mold and mildew. This has changed the landscape of insulating homes, especially in basements, where moisture is a common problem. In this article, I’d like to share some information with you about this type of product, so you can make an informed decision when you look to buy. Mold can cause severe medical problems, so take your time as you search and be sure to buy a quality product.

About Insulation that Reduces Mold Spores and Mildew

How it Works: Fungicide is commonly used to reduce the growth of spores, to inhibit the growth before it starts. Most manufacturers use EPA approved fungicides, which means it’s better for the environment and fungus control. Make sure the one you select is anti-microbial.

Moisture Control: Many of the best mold resistant insulation manufacturers have developed ways to allow the product to spread out the moisture is collect, so it can dry out quicker, and not be such a good place for spores that enter the home and basement to attach. Since most basements are made of cement, which hold moisture and is prone to water leaks, it’s an important feature.

Health Benefits: There are some health benefits to having this. As noted, mold can cause lung damage and a host of other respiratory issues, so be sure to choose wisely.

List of Mold Control Insulation Manufacturers

Nu-Wool: You’ll get flame retardant, quality insulating with a good R-Value. They are not cheap, but they do provide a very good value, as the product is exceptional. The product is very good with disbursing moisture, so the walls can dry thoroughly.

Icynene: Another good company that produces anti-microbial, mold resistant insulation that can help to reduce breathing and respiratory problems for the people living in the homes. It works great in attics as well.

Johns Manville: The fiberglass used and the facing of the product are highly rated and well respected by contractors, homeowners, and others in the industry.

Owens Corning: They are probably the best known maker of insulation in roll or batt form. They have a good product that’s known by many as a quality option. Sometimes known as Pink Panther insulation, this is a really good option to keep in mind. Keep your house in the pink.

Reducing Mold Spores in Homes

This is a quick list of the ways to help reduce the spores and mildew in your home, since the products aren’t mold proof, just resistant. As a business or home user, it’s up to you to do your part as well.

Humidity: Installing a dehumidifier is an effective way to reduce the growth in your house or business.

Fix Leaks: Brick and poured basements crack, which allows water to leak in and penetrate the walls and the insulation. Use hydraulic cement or a similar product to repair water leaks.

Proper Rain Runoff: Make sure the water doesn’t seep into your basement by controlling where the rainwater goes, keeping it away from the house.

There are some great options out there as you search for mold resistant insulation for your basement walls, or attic.