News Momma bird has a falling nest.

Momma bird has a falling nest.


Everyday that passes I hear the floor cracking as if it will soon fall to my death. I have this beautiful little boy who loves his Momma more then ice cream , so must be doing something right. My childhood dreams are all broken promises or have been giving away to others . Not my promises to my boy. If I had the money I would give him everything I could dream of , sad enough that far from what I can give with my disabilities. Love it’s the glue to my family it’s what keeps his dreams alive because I promised him that I will give him the best life ever but I’m disabled what’s left for me. I do know that I love him more then life itself and that is what will get us though another day. God, Father give my boy a chance to have great things to be some body. To give me the straight to stop hiding in the house scared of the world. Hope someone’s listen to my prayers I will grow with all you can give me. A little bit about me before I felt like I been stuck in a well was amazing. I was happy working, going to the gym. Making time for my nephews. The avon walk help locally in the city. I loved walking everywhere. I was a no pain no gain type girl. I met a wonderful man but I turn into a witch when I was preggo so don’t need to say much for that. I became weaker and weaker as my pregnancy became high risk so to some disabilities but I make it though. Hunter was born beautiful and days later I was sick, after sick after sick. And still sick. I want to feel beautiful. It’s no lie everything in my home was given tho me from Craigslist cause Hurricane Sandy took my home. Hey we have our lives that’s what matters but I spent so much time in the house cause outside scared a me I wish I had a beautiful vanity with lots of space. Somewhere I could feel beautiful all the time. Thank you for reading if you got this far. It been a pleasure share a little bit of my crazy life. They want you to keep waiting but what do you say…..oh poor me. I have never been that person but I started to cherish more thing in life . My photos was the box I grabbed when the trucks came to pick us up while our house where going under. He say leave that I sad hell not those are picture of people that no longer wLk this earth and I need to look at then it’s all I got left. Maybe someone Will read this and totally understand me. I’m Radom all over the place and scared that I will run out of means to be a good mother because I’m I love with my little boy bot the cable company and car insurance they don’t car. Paypay pay now now now. Bet you got though that as we’ll. Danielle

Momma bird has a falling nest.
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