Monetizing a blog: different ways and best practices

There are different ways and methods to monetize a blog, but the question is do they really work? Then develop a brief explanation of the different ways to monetize a blog and best practices to generate income.

Recently I read that in a meeting full of history and renowned bloggers told to raise their hands those earning money to support their families and to the surprise of many, no one did.

It probably was a bit of humility and fear of being the only or the other option is that none of them actually earn enough to support a family. But my experience leans more towards the first response, and I have had the opportunity to meet people very successful with their sites who have left their jobs to devote full time to the practice of blogging.

But well, that said, you have to start at the beginning and do it clear that although there are very professional blogs and converted into personal businesses, yet this whole marketing model is new and would say that is still in beta stage, in testing phase and constant experimentation.

Different ways to monetize a blog

As we have mentioned on other occasions, a blog is a mass medium, which serves as a tool to open countless doors and paths.

But going to the point if you’re asked what specific means to generate income with a blog, read below:

Ads and Advertising: This is one of the most known and used, and among the most popular services include Google Adsense, Reach Media Group for the United States, etc..

You can earn per click (PPC) or page impression (PPI), or both combined. Generally for every click or page impression pay only pennies, but income increases as visits your blog grow.

Affiliate or Affiliate Marketing: As explained in the previous article, affiliate marketing also has expanded greatly in popularity. Is to work with a company that offers the opportunity to work with several advertisers in line with the theme of your blog, or a mark or online stores or department (eg Macy’s or Amazon) can earn per click, per print page or purchase / registration, user etc., or a percentage of the purchase when you work directly with brands and department stores.

Sponsored Post: There are several places where you can score, and when a brand or company is launching a campaign, they will contact you to write sponsored articles, prices may vary, some sites pay for items other words, I would say that the minimum is $ 25 and up from there.

Some sites where you can score are:,,,, and more.

Ambassadors Program: This is a great way to generate income from your blog, but requires a great commitment to the brand you are going to play, usually you have to sign a contract for a certain time. In addition to the money you can receive for your representation to the brand ambassadors programs often include trips to conferences payments, free products, exposure in traditional media, travel, events and public relations on your part as a blogger or blogger representative brand.

Festivals on Twitter and sponsored Campaigns: There are different ways of working and a campaign sponsored by a brand, and sometimes not all down to write your blog post. It is considered a blogger as a person “social media” with an important domain and influence in social networks, so your participation in a campaign sponsored anfitrionar parties may include Twitter, Facebook sponsored post, event coverage, features and interviews, and participation in other social networks such as Pinterest, Google Plus, etc..

Opportunities in other platforms: As mencianabamos at first, a blog opens many doors, and if you write with passion in your area, you can write and receive payment for it on other platforms outside your blog.

This is often an excellent opportunity to expand your revenue but also to expose besides your work and talent.

What you need to SI or SI! to generate revenue

Now you know all the ways, or at least most, there are ways to make money with a blog, and as you will see are varied, and some offer more profit than others, but all depends on the level of commitment and intelligence with that develop.

Before I said I’ve known people who have quit their jobs to devote themselves full time to their blogs, and without going any further, it is my full time job as well. Here I list some prerequisites that need to establish a solid source of income through your blog:

Participation and Update: Like any job requires a lot of dedication, constant updating and participation in social networks, events, networking, conferences, travel. You need to stay on top of trends and be in constant exposure through social media, events, etc..

Traffic: You need to establish a good flow of traffic and readership recurring. When your traffic increases, the chances of winning money too.

SEO: You need to implement techniques and tools and optimizing your blog posts for search engines, this will help a lot to increase your traffic and better exposure of your blog through search engines.

Influence: You need to grow your level of influence, which is not the same as the number of visits. The influence is measured by your commitment to your readers and read through the responses you receive in your posts on your blog and social networks. It is the active participation of your readers. The tool used to measure the influence of a blogger is Klout.

Professionalize the work: You need to be constantly learning and improving your writing skills, your photos, images and design of your blog.

Passion and Love: And last, but perhaps most important of all, you need a lot of passion and love for what you do, without much work they will become a torture, remember that the results are not achieved from one day to the other, so you have to be very consistent and very patient.

You should focus your energy on your audience, see what they look for in your blog, what your needs, you offer that other blogs do not offer, develop your creativity, make your personality shine.

When a blog is different, or rather the blogger communicates with his readers, write articles based on personal experiences with success and failure, is usually what makes a successful blog and “get” to those who follow . Everything else will come easily.

Finally do what you love and make money doing it, is one of the best things that can happen in life.

Good luck and get to work.