Monkey Popping Balloon Game

Playing the Famous Monkey Popping Balloon Game

Games always come in handy at times when you just want to unwind and relax your mind after a hard day’s work. But sometimes you may be unaware of a thrilling game that can guarantee you a good refreshing time. If this describes you, then you should consider giving the monkey popping balloon game a shot. This is one of the handheld games that you can enjoy wherever you are as it is not only available online to be played on your pc but nowadays you can also play this game on your iPhone. Read ahead to learn more about this game:

How it’s played

The monkey popping balloon game is played by you the player controlling a virtual monkey in throwing darts at balloons passing through the screen. The monkey is supposed to pop every balloon before it reaches the end of the screen. The balloons normally go in different directions and will be at different lengths from the monkey so the player will have total control over the power of throwing the darts and the direction they are being thrown so to make it possible for him/her to pop out every balloon regardless of where it is. The game usually has different levels that one has to pass but you can only pass a given level to the next after you have popped a given number of balloons. This is normally the challenge.

More challenges

The game is made even more thrilling by the fact that you will have a limited number of darts to use hence every dart that you throw is crucial to winning or losing the game. One therefore has to practice on their level of accuracy to pass each level. While it is possible to replay a level if you happen to lose the game on it, the real challenge and thrill of the monkey popping balloon game comes with testing yourself on how far you can go if you just play once. As you advance in higher levels, you will now come across a rubber wall that you have to struggle your way through for you to proceed playing also more challenges come as you get to even higher levels.

Free Downloads

Monkey popping balloon games are provided for free on the internet and you are not expected to pay a cent to play. One therefore has liberty to download the games he/she likes and play them for as long as he/she likes and since they are interesting and amusing, playing monkey balloon popping games can be the greatest pastime you’ve ever had.

Additionally the good thing with the monkey popping balloon game is that there are many games online all differing slightly in terms of the challenges provided to the player. You can therefore switch to a new game every time you get bored with a given game on and on. On the other hand, you can decide every time what monkey popping balloon game you will play to make the experience of every day unique and enjoyable.