News Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime

Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime


The retro-chic of black and white graphical allure is set to ‘spring’ back to life this season. The grey area occurs when putting together an entire piece with the two contrasting colours, for a formal occasion or for a sixties-inspired night out.There is somewhat of etiquette to pairing the black and white symmetrical lines together correctly to give across an elegant presentation. Let us take you through a few ideas perfectly suited to the trend.


For Spring/Summer ‘13 popular designers including Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger have adopted monochrome stripes, in a big way. The key to wearing the correct pair of tights to carry off stripes with simplicity is sticking to plain colours.

Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime

Go for some black opaque tights or leggings with a black and white striped dress. For a more creative look, try a vertically striped jumper and pleated black skirt, with some sheer black tights.

Dashing Decor

There are some tights that come ready with their own black and white decorative prints that are playful and make an outfit look fascinating. Piano seamed stockings are an interesting choice, worn with a pair of plain black shorts or skirt and plain white jumper.

Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime

The seam running down the back of the stockings leads to the bottom of the foot being printed in a piano-style print. Therefore, it is best to pair these with some strappy wedges for the best illusion.


If you intend to directly pull of the tights by wearing stripy tights, stick to a black straight-line dress for class. For a night-time look, take a piece from the Thom Browne’s spring/summer 2013, in a back to the future style eclectic mesh of light blue shimmer and beaded zest. This can be worn longer and more elegant pencil-cut dresses as those recently presented by Miu Miu during fashion week.

Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime

Natural Symphony

For a melancholy summer feeling, try pairing a monochromatic mixture of black and white with some natural tights to bring across the look elegantly, as Miu Miu have in their spring/summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection. A pair of nude tights adds composure to black shirt paired with a white skirt. The look is perfect for staying smart and presentable in the office, during summer’s heat waves.

Monochrome Patterned Tights For Springtime
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