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Monthly Search Engine Optimization Plans To Help You Drive Traffic

It’s very hard to implement effective search engine optimization strategy if you don’t have a plan. Making monthly plans to optimize your web pages for search engines may really help you boost your traffic and traffic in the online article publishing world is everything! The more traffic you have, the more chances you have to make money online form your articles and journals. Search engine optimization involves learning whether you’re new to the term or not because search algorithms and ways to index pages change over time and advance just like everything else in the technology world.

Still, some steps in search engine optimization (SEO) are evergreen: writing good-quality content optimized with relevant keywords and backlinks. If you are new to these terms, check out this SEO explanation in a nutshell.

To help you decide what plans to make and implement during your search engine optimization month, here’s a list of things you could do to optimize your web pages for both visitors and search engines.

Tips to make Monthly Search Engine Optimization Plans

  1. Check your existing articles for keywords – check whether people are still searching for this keyword or phrase, whether you’ve included the terms in all the right places, etc.
  2. Edit your content – check the formatting, headlines and sub-headlines, (how does your content look like and can you make it look more professional).
  3. Give special attention to first and last paragraph and/or other paragraphs on your web pages (do they include the relevant primary and secondary keyword, do the convey the main idea of the content, etc).
  4. Check whether you’ve tagged your articles properly. Adding tags to your articles is an incredibly important step in search engine optimization processes, so you may want to go over the tags you’ve used and check whether some other tags might drive you more traffic.
  5. Check the length of your articles. Google finds that 500 word articles may be worth indexing, but unless you are a freaky SEO expert, less than 700-800 words article length may not be enough to enter the ‘web chart’ of search results.
  6. Start using free SEO tools to analyze the performance of your web pages.
  7. Work on marketing your articles by signing up on other websites and writing articles with links pointing to your main Seekyt posts (this may take time because you need to get to know the terms of service, content guidelines and the community on new sites).
  8. Share links to your articles on all the relevant social networking sites and other types of social media types.
  9. Bookmark your articles on social bookmarking sites with a higher PR, such as StumbleUpon and Delicious.
  10. Comment on blogs and forums (first check whether you can leave a link to your web page – article, journal or profile)
  11. Try guest blogging to provide anchored links pointing to your articles.
  12. Try forum posting if you see that the terms of service on the site allow links in comments.
  13. Try web directory submissions to get backlinks under categories and sub-categories.
  14. Share articles in Facebook writer groups, such as the Facebook groups of writers suggested by admin and other Seekyt members.
  15. Edit your bio and create a nice About me page (text on your profile page).
  16. Adding more articles to your Seekyt article base and doing all the above!

* This list will be updated during the November, 2011 Search Engine Optimization Month on Seekyt.

Search Engine Optimization Month

Search Engine Optimization Month is a new sort of challenge, different from the article writing 30 days challenge, but the kind of challenge in which you take the time to learn about search engine optimization, implement various SEO methods and techniques, and write new articles on this topic. This activity also involves asking and answering questions about different aspects of SEO and sharing knowledge and experience you’ve had with specific external websites (on which people can promote their Seekyt articles).

If you also decide to write articles on the topic of search engine optimization, it doesn’t matter if you write 1 or 100 articles on that topic; every step you make to boost traffic in the month of search engine optimization counts.

You will be invited to post links to your SEO articles (existing and new articles), ask and answers questions and/or comment sharing your ideas and experience in a journal entry announcing this challenge activity. Hopefully, this journal will collect useful and valuable information about optimizing your web pages and help you make your personal monthly search engine optimization plans for the future.

* The next Search Engine Optimization Month starts on Seekyt on November 1st, 2011.

I was happy to read this ebook review – 101 ways to get backlinks to your website where you can download the eBook to your computer for free. I scanned the ebook and I’m looking forward to learning and implementing some new methods of quality backlinking.

If you decide to dedicate yourself to serious search engine optimization the whole month, you’ll learn more about it and teach yourself how to make monthly search engine plans for the future. In time, it will be easier to implement the whole amount of seemingly never-ending information about SEO, and once you see reflections of your article writing and SEO efforts on your earnings, you’ll be thirsty for more Smiley

Be sure to check these two articles because they list great search engine optimization quotes collected from various books by SEO experts; life quotes, love quotes, any quotes convey the main idea of the concept – you won’t find such great SEO quotes on the web because the keyword has some totally other meaning. Enjoy!

Search Engine Optimization Quotations

Link and Link Building – SEO quotations

How to Participate in the Search Engine Optimization Month

Hopefully, you’ve read the information above in the article and the goals of this activity in the SEO Fever Journal Post, but I’d like to add a few notes before you get started.

Remember to:

  • decide on which methods you want to use to optimize your webpages (will you concentrate on getting backlinks from a blog, commenting on forums, signing up for social networking sites, etc).
  • stick to the methods you choose so that you can analyze your progress later.
  • keep a journal of all the steps you’ve taken during the SEO Fever Month and turn the notes into an article at the very end of month
  • include your existing and new SEO articles (if any) in the SEO Fever Journal Post), but be sure to make a comment about why you think people should read them. Please, take some time to go through the comment etiquette before you engage yourself in feverish discussions
  • if you notice that a comment you’re making is going to be a really long one, please write an article about it instead, and include a link with a description in the comment.
  • state what your SEO plan is for this November Search Engine Optimization Month.

Linking Up Orphan & Dead-End Pages

An ongoing project named Seekyt Orphan & Dead-End Pages Project will soon be announced and guidelines presented to you in a journal post. In the meantime, you may want to learn more about orphan pages and dead-end pages. Guidelines on how to implement an efficient link building strategy will be explained in deatil in the announcement journal entry.

Final note.

We all love the great sense of community on this website so I’m hoping this activity will be a chance to get together, learn and have fun at the same time, do some serious work to draw traffic and increase earnings, and grow in every aspect!

*Important UPDATE*

The Orphan & Dead-End Pages Project is launched!

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