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Smart car is usually considered a tiny or a toy vehicle in size but if you find out its durability, economical fuel consumption, there is no match. On these qualities and eye-catching designs, Smart cars have already captured a largest automobile market’s share within a short period.

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As you know that with the passing of each day the fuel prices are going to highest level in a quicker way, furthermore another factor – political uncertainty in oil producing countries, hence these mounted prices have swallowed to the middle class society. They are not able to afford a big car with heavy fuel and maintenance expenses. So in this prevailing situation the need of the Smart car has become more significant.

Smart carsare specially designed on basis of lesser fuel consumption. An assumption is found amongst the people that smart cars don’t provide better results as compare to a big car, while Smart cars have already gained the big market share of European countries and from 2008 onward these are moving fast towards the US market and it is expected these would be remained successful in winning the confidence of the American people by delivering a notable difference in fuel consumption as well as its driving enjoyment.

The creation of Smart Car’s Idea

Mr. Nicolas Hayek, CEO of Swatch watches put an idea to develop a smart but a stylish car which is to be closed to the usual car because he considered that the automotive industry is losing the huge share of potential customer by not being introduced a smart car which should be affordable for common consumer in terms of price and fuel consumption. He took an initiative and implemented on a smart car idea titling ‘Swatchmobile” under the expertise of Hayek Engineering AG.

Earlier on he made a contract with ‘Volkswagen’ for developing a small car project but he did not achieve the goal because Volkswagen was keen to introduce by own ‘three liter car’ project – a car which consumes 3 liters per 100 K.M. Then he approached to the BMW, Fiat, General Motors and Renault for Swatchmobile project but they refused on implementing the plan. After several attempts he reached on a contract with the Daimler-Benz AG the maker of Mercedes-Benz Cars with the joint venture of investment 50 million Swiss Francs by SMH and the remaining 49% portion of Dailmer-Benz for creating a hybrid electric car project.

With the joint collaboration of Swatch Company and Diamler-Benz, the first company’s made car was appeared at the Frankfurt Motor show in 1997 under the title name of Micro Compact Car (MCC).

Presently smart is the part of Daimler Chrysler’s Mercedes Group.

Features as per Company’s website:

The company’s website illustrates that Smart Car’s fortwo model contains 1.0 L, 71 HP, 3-cylinder engine with five-speed manual transmission, its clutch is computer controlled and changing needs tapping the gear lever, some passion coupe and passion cabriolet models also attribute a landscaped roof, changeable top, a leather steering wheel and heated seats. A finest sound system is existed with the passion coupe model only. An extra quality which differentiates the smart car is its competency in fuel consumption. The fortwo model can run in excess of 30 miles each 1 gallon in the city and more than 40 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Attractive advantages of Smart Car

Less Fuel consumption

The first and foremost quality of the Smart Carthat compelled to the people to buy it – is its fuel or gas mileage. Some of its owners give their opinion that the Smart carcan easily achieve the 75 mpg.

According to the Green Car Magazine, in 2008 the Smart Carhad achieved the best possible rating for front and side crash protection from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the 2nd superior rating for back crash protection. An electronic preventing system is an additional aspect of all the Smart Cars.

Easier while in Parking

The city cope (Fortwo) smart car having 8 feet, 2.5 inches long, below 5feet wider and around 5 feet tall. So instead of parallel parking in a row with other cars, Smart car can easily back right up to the limit. Smart car can easily fit into any usual parking space and could be pulled out without creating any hurdle.

Environmental Friendly

Smart carsare not only giving financial advantages to a person whether these also discharges fewer polluted elements in the air, in this way these are protected to the environment condition as compare to any other vehicle.

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