News More Blog Posts More Often is More Money

More Blog Posts More Often is More Money


Did you know that you are potentially missing out on money by not posting often enough to your blog or site? The more often you post the more money you will make. Many webmasters notice that their website traffic decreases along with unique visitors per day when they don’t post regularly. The question is how often should you post blog or website content? Should you post once per day? Several times per week? Should you create a blog post for every other day? How often should you post for your blog?

These are different thoughts or perspectives on how often should you post content and what will happen;

The more often you post the faster readers and writers burn out
The quality of the content will suffer with too many posts. Not only will the quality of the blog posts suffer, but bloggers will also burnout. Imagine a self-imposed requirement to post at least twice per day. This is a high hurdle to climb and the stress of creating great content not only daily, but twice per day can cause even great writers to burn out trying to produce quality content with great SEO. Blog readers will burnout from too many articles for a particular point in time.

The more you post the more money you will make
The more you post the more content you will build for your blog. The more content you have the more keywords, keyword density, search engine optimization and quality content our blog has and this will certainly make search engines happy. To show their gratitude they will increase your page rank and display your content in search engine results more often for reader queries. Better page rank increases blog traffic. More traffic means more customers and more money. How often should you post to increase your page rank and make more money?

The more you post the more loyalty you will have from your audience
Posting more will earn you respect from your audience. New readers that find your extraordinary content will build a larger audience. Loyalty with your audience means more frequent visits to your blog which will be increased traffic and page views. Increasing traffic and page views will certainly increase customers and money in your wallet.

Readers are more likely to subscribe to a feed if they see content posted more often. If they like your blog and know you post often they will subscribe because they know there is remarkable relevant content coming often. How often should you post to increase your traffic?

The more you post the less reader participation you will see
More interactions are seen with readers with less frequent posting. Posts that remain on your front page will give readers more time to discuss the content material or subject matter. Posting more frequently can lose the impact many of your articles have because they are spending less time on the front page. Will posting often lose your participation and opportunities for feedback?

In conclusion
These are several ideas and views on frequent blog posts. Are frequent posts better? Do they make you more money by increasing traffic and readers or do they burn a blogger out? The jury is out on this question. What the age of the blog is, how much content a blogger already has on their pages as well as if they are blogging for marketing purposes all effect how often you should post for your blog? Posts to benefit your specific situation and needs and you will not go wrong.

More Blog Posts More Often is More Money
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Janice is a writer from Chicago, IL. She created the "simple living as told by me" newsletter with more than 12,000 subscribers about Living Better and is a founder of Seekyt.

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