More harmful than Cigarettes

A study was begun in 1970 at a particular University, mapping about 100 students. It was not one of those in which you don’t know you are a ‘subject’.

At the time about 50% of these students smoked cigarettes, drank or binged, used ganja, and in eating habits ranged from vegetarian to omnivore.

Some were overweight, the majority was just right and some were skinny. Typical batch of students, ranging in age from the ‘baby’ of eighteen to the ‘old lady’ of twenty three.

Over the years the majority stopped smoking. A few stopped drinking entirely. A few became vegetarian, most remained omnivore.

The majority began to become overweight in their thirties. Those who always were overweight stayed the same size and most of the skinny kids stayed skinny.

In 2010 it was found that the majority of these students who had become overweight had almost every disease connected to being overweight. Further, they were clearly in their sixties. They moved slowly, were stuck in a kind of technology resistent world, (many had their emails printed for them to read).

The few who continued to smoke who were not overweight, were shockingly healthy, especially those who were vegetarian or mostly vegetarian.

This was the shocker.

Not that those who had loaded on the pounds between the date of the study and 2010 were in poor health and measurably older than those who were thin, (or who had ‘always’ been overweight) but that the few who smoked, (and didn’t drink or eat meat) were far healthier.

Those who had always been plump did not have any particular health problem. It is ‘assumed’ that they were ‘genetically’ geared for the extra poundage and as they had never been thin or average were not putting any extra pressure on their organs.

Those who remained thin were the absolute minority, along with those who maintained their weight.

The vast majority, about 80 of the students, were between 30 and 60 pounds above their 1970 weight.

It is assumed that those who quit smoking made up for the absense by eating more. Even those who were vegetarian or partial vegetarians were packing on the pounds with huge portions of food.

Hence, if you are going to quit smoking, consider it far healthier to simply cut down on tobacco if you are going to replace it with calories.