Morning Light, A View On Roosevelt Island

Urban Landscape Photography by Deborah Julian

Morning Light takes an unexpected turn in urban landscape photography, showing us isolation, solitude and a gentle resolution in a corner of New York City’s most gentle neighborhood, Roosevelt Island.

As an urban landscape photographer, Deborah Julian usually finds the sunny narrative or even the humorous, but there is always art behind what seems to be a fairly transparent statement.

Morning Light is like that.

It shows us a color saturated scene of remarkable beauty and balance. Simple. Morning light is the theme, and there are the shadows that give it depth and contrast.

It’s sweet to look at and will find it’s way to many walls in homes and offices where people like you and me appreciate it for its pleasing use of color.

But there’s more. Artistry saturates. First, it’s a bird’s eye view, an angle from which it seems impossible for any human to watch.

Almost lost in the rush of color, shadows, lights and the angles of buildings and nature, a lone figure crosses this otherwise empty urban landscape. He is moves from light to shadow with a small stairway ahead of him.

Golden brown leaves of autumn pile up at the edge of a still deep green lawn. Empty benches face away from the residences.

A story is unfolding in the Morning Light

What you get, along with a beautiful piece of urban landscape photography, is a mystery waiting for you to imagine how it unfolds. Like the best narrative work, Deborah Julian takes you there of your own volition.

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