MOSS Modular Robotics Kit – Product Review

When I was a child, the closest thing we had to robotic toys were the wind up type. Today however, your child can enjoy the latest robotic building toy from Modular Robotics. They are the ones who also made the very popular Cubelets.

Their new robotic kit is known as MOSS. It is composed of 16 blocks containing sensors, and input-output mechanisms, and even though it has a rigid construction, the hinges and combining joints still make this new robotic toy a lot more flexible by letting its users create a variety combination of robots that are fun and easy!

The construction system is intuitive, so your boy or girl can easily play and experiment with any style robot they create. Quality is not an issue because the spheres are made of steel, and this let’s your child get plenty of play time without worrying about breakage.

How Much Does This Robotic Kit Cost
This robotic kit comes with 16 robot blocks and can be purchased for about $158.00.

Who Would Buy This Kit
Well I’m sure engineers will get a kick out of owning this robotic toy, but the kids ages 8 and up will also enjoy having this. If children today are like we were, then the only thing stopping them from having fun with this toy is their imagination. I also believe that the adults who are up for a challenge will appreciate how the components of this kit make it possible for them to come up with all sorts of complicated and ambitious robots.

Some Things I Do Like
I like the simplicity of this robot, and that it is also user-friendly. These a few of the reasons I’m drawn to it. Not to mention the possibility of creating all these different robots! I like that it’s intuitive, you don’t need any technical or programming knowledge, there is no coding required, and you won’t have to worry about wires and cables, and figuring out complicated configurations.

The spheres being made of steel is also very impressive. I also like how the magnets and steel ball bearings on the corners secures and locks the cubes firmly in place. It doesn’t matter how large and intricate your robot is, you don’t have to worry about it coming apart.

I also want to mention that the color-coding mechanism of MOSS makes it easier to assemble. The green cubes are used for power, the blue cubes are used for pass through, while the orange and brown cubes are used for output and input.

Some Things I Don’t Like
It’s still too early to determine whether this toy will have any negative aspects. However, people are anxiously waiting to see just how many variations of robots they can build with this kit.

Is There A Guarantee
Even though the company is not giving that information at this time, they do guarantee the Cubelets for one year from the date of purchase. So when and if they do release this information on MOSS, it will probably be the same.

Is This Robot Worth The Money
You’re getting 16 pieces in a robotic kit that can build hundreds of different combinations of robots. And don’t forget that they are intuitive and the spheres are made of steel. This would be enjoyment and fun for the entire family.

Where Can You Buy This Robot
Of course you will be able to purchase this kit at any retail store, the official MOSS website, and online stores like Amazon.

My Final Thoughts
Now is the time to let your imagination run wild so that you can see your child, or maybe even you, building all the robots that can be imagined. I believe this would make an excellent gift for anyone in the family.

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