Most Common Passwords

A Password is the access code of some personal interest. This interest may integrated with you email, messenger or with your bank locker. Mostly people select a simple password to protect their accounts and only a few people are damn serious about their account protection and they select a complicated combination for their passwords.

Most common passwords used by girls:

Girls mostly do not pay a full attention about their password protection. This is the reason why mostly girl’s accounts hacked on Facebook or Yahoo. The most common passwords selected by females are the names of their boyfriends, teacher name, actor name, singer name, iloveyou, 12345, date of birth, star name, mobile number, house number etc.

Most common passwords for guys:

Boys are bit serious about their privacy protection and they choose somewhat hard passwords for their online accounts. So cracking a guy password is bit difficult as compared with girls. Still 40% of guys set very easy passwords like, name of girlfriend, car number, abc123, rockyou, bike number, favorite dialogue, actress name, city name, country name, street address, etc.

How to choose a hard but easy to remember password?

This is a bit technical problem, selecting a password wisely cannot be done by everyone, but by following these rules you can set a hard password, that never can easily break.

Select a name from your childhood friend, who is not in your contact any more and nobody can guess about his name. Now add your school or college friend roll number in numeric from (do not use your own roll number), now at the last add the symbol of your favorite currency in the form of special character. By setting your password this way, your password strength become strong and you can enjoy a secure password as long as you want.