Most Effective Fitness Supplements

Get stronger with supplements


After a few months of working out you will begin to stall on your lifts, as progress becomes more difficult to make. In the beginning, you can increase the weight every time you work out, but after a while it becomes extremely difficult to lift more weight each week, and this is when fitness supplements can come in handy. These supplements are not necessary on your quest to build muscle, strength or endurance. However, they are very effective at increasing your motivation and helping you push yourself harder in the gym.

A good pre-workout supplement

No matter what your fitness goals are, a good pre-workout supplement can help you get pumped for your workout sessions. If you need more endurance or more energy to get through your workouts then something like ‘Jack3d’ will do the trick. If you are trying to break a PR and lift more weight, then a pre-workout can make that happen as well.

Protein to recover and build muscle

Whey protein is a supplement that you should not skip out on, as not everyone can meet their protein requirements without a daily protein shake. Recovery from your workouts faster by consuming protein, and whey protein is absorbed better than soy. So yes, it is important that you are consuming a whey protein supplement. Twinlabs offers a cheap, yet effective whey protein powder supplement, so if you are on a budget that’s what you should purchase. Casein protein is a slowly digesting protein, so it’s perfect for a late night snack. Your body repairs muscles and releases growth hormones when you are sleeping, so having protein in your system at that time is crucial for muscle growth and recovery.


Creatine is great if your goal is to build muscle or get stronger; however it is not good if those are not your goals. Creatine will saturate your muscles with water in a few weeks and can help you put on 5-10 pounds of solid muscle. However, once you stop taking creatine the water will leave your muscles and you might lose some of that weight. Your muscles are made up out of water and muscle fibers, so the water from creatine only helps to bring nutrients to your muscles for recovery.

DAA for testosterone

The best ingredient for boosting testosterone is DAA, because DAA has been proven to boost testosterone more than 40%. These studies were not funded and released by supplement companies, they are completely unbiased. DAA is the real as far as natural testosterone boosters go, and it’s very affordable.

Pine Pollen

Pine pollen is a completely natural way to saturate your body with natural androgens, so if your goal is to prevent aging then get you some pine pollen. It comes in different forms, but if you want something strong and highly effective then get a pine pollen extract, which is more potent than capsules. What’s inside pine pollen? Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, DHEA, androstenedione, and androsterone are just some of the contents of pine pollen. This is safe to take every day, all year, so there is no need to cycle on and off.


Depending on your goals, you might not need every one of these supplements. However, if your goal is to get strong then you can benefit from every one of these supplements. Same goes for those who want to build muscle, these supplements will make that a million times easier for you. If you want to improve your endurance and train for a specific sport then maybe creatine isn’t necessary, but a pre-workout and protein will definitely help you out tremendously.