Most Hated Facebook Celebrities

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Facebook was the first social networking site that introduces some unique features to Internet users and it really plays an important role to make this world a real global village. Besides ordinary Internet users this network is joined by world most famous showbiz and political celebrities. Today I will give you the information about top 10 most hated people of Facebook.

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1 – Angelina Jolie – 1330000 Facebook fans:

She is a famous Hollywood celebrity and mother of obsessed children from developing countries.

2 – Paris Hilton – 144,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is a multi-empire heiress, who is famous for her homemade tapes and video clips.

3 – Taylor Swift – 151,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is an American Country singer, who is damn popular in America and Canada.

4 – Lindsay Lohan – 169,000,000 Facebook fans:

She started her career as an actress, but now works primarily as a model and she is the main character of drama series ‘So when you finally go to jail?’

5 – Avril Lavigne – 173,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is a cute singer, who always looks like16 years old from the last ten years.

6- Adele – 176,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is a singer with an amazing voice, whose existence was known before only a few connoisseurs of music.

7 – Selena Gomez – 177,000,000 Facebook fans:

She played in a series on the Disney Channel; she is also famous for her singing and especially for the girlfriend of Justin Bieber.

8 – Beyonce – 189,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is a pop singer with a great background.

9 – Miley Cyrus – 209,000,000 Facebook fans:

She was once a child star known as Hannah Montana, now singer, who tries to sing about sexuality.

10 – Jennifer Lopez – 213,000,000 Facebook fans:

She is another good looking actress and singer with the controversy of two husbands.

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