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Most important items to have to be ready for a blackout

Blackouts are no fun, and with the intense Australian weather, occur more often than is often wanted. Blackouts do not mean the end of the world, especially is properly prepared for the conditions the blackouts bring. The most important items to have to be ready for a blackout are easily obtained yet crucial to you and your family’s safety.

LED Torches

Having a selection of LED torches throughout the home or automobile is the most important thing to have for blackout conditions. For each bedroom keep a small LED torch where the child or bedroom dweller has easy access and knows precisely where it is. Be sure to check the battery charge in routine intervals if the torch is not used for extensive periods of time. Keep a larger torch in the kitchen, living room and garage. And like the smaller torches stored in the bedrooms, be sure and check the batteries of the torches to ensure they are not corroded and in full working condition.


It should go without saying that a good supply of batteries in a critical element to keep on hand for blackout events. Should the blackout persist and force the use of the torches for prolonged periods of time it will become a necessity to have spare batteries to keep the torches running during the entirety of the blackout?

Hand-Charged and Cranked Radio

For those living outside cellular coverage zones or where there is spotty coverage, keeping a hand-cranked and rechargeable radio on hand is a smart move. There are inexpensive, hand-cranked radios that draw the charge from the cranking, alleviating the need for spare batteries for the radio. Having the radio is needed should power go out and updated news cannot be gained from the tele or Internet. Keep the radio in an obvious location such as a kitchen or living room.

Extra Filtered Water

For those who have water systems that are electric powered via the pump, having spare, filtered water on hand keeps the family hydrated and clean. Water is needed for many reason, so keep at least a few jugs of distilled or filtered water on hand for each member of the family or dwelling. Store it out of the light, in cupboards or on a protected shelf in the garage.

Non-Perishable Food

Should the blackout go on for prolonged periods of time, the risk of food soiling and going bad as a result of the fridge not being powered is high. Keep a supply of non-perishable foods on hand such as tins of soups and vegetables or a case of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). MREs require no heat source for cooking as they have internal heat packets and the tinned foods can be eaten cold or warmed, should you have a heat source.

Spare Blankets

Have some extra blankets and bedding available for prolonged blackouts, just in case.

Pet Supplies

It is easy to remember to keep goods on hand for the humans in the household, but should the house have pets, keeping emergency supplies of food and water for them is crucial to their well-being and health. Do not forget the four-legged companions’ needs.

LED Torches for the Car

Keep a spare LED torch in the auto for safety and well being during a blackout. LED Torches Australia has a full range of LED torches and supplies, many of which are superb choices for emergency blackout supplies. Order through the online website to get the needed supplies for any blackout that comes your way.

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