Most Pet-Friendly Malls In The Philippines

A lot of Filipinos are pet owners and most of these pet owners treat their pets as members of the family. Over the years, the growing awareness towards animal rights has slowly encouraged some people to be more caring of their animal wards. Grooming salons, pet shops, and the like have sprouted like mushrooms and are enjoying good business from their patrons. The range of pet items and products has likewise widened.

Nowadays, it is not unusual to see someone shopping in the Philippines with a pet dog or cat in tow. Although there was a time when bringing a pet to a mall is unthinkable, this vision is not so uncommon these days. If you are a loving pet owner and you would like to know where you can bring your pet for some malling, below are some of the most pet-friendly malls in the Philippines.

• Eastwood mall. This mall is among the first malls to welcome pets inside their mall. This mall especially perfect for those whose dogs like to be in a cool room because the pets are allowed inside the air conditioned area.

• SM City North Edsa. For those who have long been going to SM City North Edsa, some of you may be unaware that pets are now welcome to roam in the Skygarden and its surroundings. There are also pet litter bins scattered around to help those who have their pets with them become responsible pet owners.

• Tiendesitas. Although some may not agree that it can be considered a mall, the Tiendesitas in Ortigas is perfect for animal-lovers. There are numerous stores that cater to the furry ones. It is no Ayala Center but it is great for those whose priority is to walk their pets around.

• Power Plant. This quaint mall in Ortigas is also pet-friendly. Its size is perfect for a quick mall trip with your pet – you can roam around without easily getting tired.

• Trinoma. From the small Power Plant mall, Trinoma seems to be so expansive and humongous. Still, pets are allowed inside although you cannot let your pet walk around. All pets brought inside should be carried at all times. This can be an extreme challenge for those who have pets on the heavier side. Hence, you will not see too many people visiting Trinoma with their pets because carrying the animals around can get tiring.