Most Popular Rental Neighborhoods In Panama

There are three areas of Panama that are popular vacation rental in Panama City Panama and there are two other areas that are popular for rental in Panama which are the province of Chiriqui which is located to the west of Republic of Panama of which the most important town is David, the capital, for rentals. It is also Panama’s 3rd largest city. David is a beautiful city and a good travel hub not far from Panama City which holds the Feria Internacional de David week long festival held in March with products from David and Panama traditions as well.

A second popular vacation rental Panama City Panama about 1 hour outside of Panama City is the rental Panama in Coronado and around the Coronado Resort with one of the best golf courses in Latin America designed by Tom Fazio. The beach real estate in Coronado is a mixture of white and volcanic sand and it goes for miles.

Within Panama City itself there are several vacation rental in Panama City Panama which include the historic area of Panama City Casco Viejo. Then there is Panama Viejo or Old Panama and there is the modern rental in Panama area of Panama City. Areas of rental interest in Panama City are the San Francisco area, Punta Pacifica with ocean views and very pricey and the Bella Vista area all of which you can find both long and short term rentals so you can visit for a week or two or perhaps for several months. Panama City enjoys a tropical climate with little seasonal variety with average day time temperatures from 75 to 86F and low humidity. Panama City is also the largest city in Panama.

The first area to look at is the area of Casco Viejo. It is an area that is over 300 years old with 17th century churches. Most of the historical buildings are in this area also referred to as San Felipe. The area is under restoration and is a blend of restored and basically cheap quarters which may be referred to as perhaps being revitalized which makes it a perfect area for rental in Panama or for a vacation rental in Panama City Panama. It is where you will be renting where there is a good blend of business, upper class home owners and traditional Panama residents all live together in harmony. It is easy to rent one of the restored buildings here.

The old city of Panama or Panama Viejo is really pretty and is the location of the original Panama City from the 16thcentury. This is a city that enjoys a cosmopolitan lifestyle but combines it with both historic buildings and modern ones. The skyline looks somewhat like Manhattan. There are lovely views of the skyline plus the Panama Canal and the Amador Causeway which is one mile in length and crosses four islands with a road built from the excavated rocks of the Panama Canal. All in all a lovely vacation rental Panama City Panama for your rental Panama.