News Most Reliable Car Brands - Top 10 Car Brands

Most Reliable Car Brands – Top 10 Car Brands


Most Reliable Car Brands – Top 10 Car Brands

Buying a house and a car are one of the major investments families make. If you living the a country like the US, you already know that some locations don’t have adequate public transportation. With that in mind, most families will either have to buy multiple cars for almost everyone in the family. The problem with any type of used car is getting a car that will not break down when you need to go to work. The most reliable car brands are not often the most expensive. Some people think that buying a new car means that they will not experience mechanical problems. As logical as that may sound, new cars are not often better than used ones. When you think about all the gadgets you get with a new car and all the eletronics involved, you will often have to go to your mechanic if and when something goes wrong.

There is the perception in the Us that when you see a car on the highway with problems, it is always an American brand. That might be true but at times the problem can be compounded by lack of proper maintenance by the owner.

Top 10 Car Brands – Most Reliable Car Brands


The above list is for the US. You would think that European manufacturers will be better off than their US counterparts. Well, the situation is similar in some countries of the old continent. People still consider the Japanese brands over more popular best luxury car brands like BMW and Mercedes and Bentley. By the way, the fact that you don’t see a Bentley on the road side doesn’t mean they are more reliable.

Top 10 Car Brands

Land Rover

When buying a new car or a used car, the cost of your purchase is not the only thing to consider. There are a lot of cheap cars for under $1000. It doesn’t mean you will be getting a good brand just because the list above says that Japanese cars are the most reliable. If the last owner wasn’t very good at routine service, you might end up with a good brand but a useless car.

Buy a New Car versus Used Cheap Cars Brands

Most men will often choose their cars based on looks like they will also choose their women based on her physical appearance. Men are said to be visual animals. The problem with this is, if you buy a pretty car in the list of the most reliable car brands above, you still need to think about the cost of maintenance. You will be surprised to know that the brands above often don’t have the cheapest repair cost. If you live in Europe, the car brand ‘Fiat’ will be the cheapest to run. It is not in the list of the most reliable but at least it is still an option. Suzuki is another brand that is affordable to repair.

With the above said, buying a car is also about luck. You can purchase a reliable car brand and you end up with a piece of junk. Everyone will be telling you that theirs has never had a problem but yours seems to be the only one with issues.

Which Reliabble Car Brands to Choose

Reading about the characteristics of a car is not sufficient to help you make the best decision. You don’t need to know that a car can do 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds. That is because you will not be racing your car around your neighborhood. You also don’t need to know that the car has a stylish hybrid engine that gives the best performance. Most families just want a reliable cheap car brand that will be affordable to insure. As mentioned above, the best brands will likely be the one you can afford to buy, insure and repair.

Most Reliable Car Brands – Top 10 Car Brands
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