One Friday evening,i was walking alone the hospital coridor..through the moans of patientsnear by wards…painfull voices..cries of little ones….

when i enter to the paediatric ward,i noticed a little boy..siting on a bench nearby,with his mother..looking hopefully..peeping in to his mother’s face….he cried slowly…mother,i am hungry…

mother didn’t utter a word..i watched them carefully..she took out of a half a loaf of bread.. may be the size much more lesser than it..nothing else was there left in that paper bag…. give

she made it to small parts,so that her loved one will swallow it easily….t=she was so afraid that it make something bad while eating..the child was impatient..he was dying with hunger..mother,mother,he wept..

There was no jam,butter or marmite for him to eat bread with..only a cup of water stood aside looking so coldly…Poor mother,after sunking the pieces of bread in that watercup,put them in her child’s mouth..the little one swallowed them greedily..

ther was no milk for her to give him after having bread..but just another cup of water..

my heart melted after seeing them..the dark mist of sadness has fillrd their helpless end was seen..whole way was unclear..there was no future,no hope strictly the chains of poverty has bound them….

I was thinking that i am poor..many problems were there at our home..economical problems in educational matters of me and sister..but at that moment i suddenely realized how rich i am..i went to hospital canteen and bought a milk packet for her..after recieving it i even now can remember the feelings in her face..she was looking at me asshe has gained a treasure..her small eyes were full of tears..i didn’t wanted to hear a thank you from her..i could’t tollerate looking at her any more so i left her hurrily..i know,i had to adjust my tea n the short eats that i hve for tea time in out side for that milk packet,but the pleasure in my mind will not be able to buy for thousand gold was so precious to me..

So think a little…….

How many times have you thrown away your food telling that it is not tasty….how much of excessof food have you put in to garbage pit….

There are people suffering with hunger,dreaming for a single fod particle….emaciated..only the skin covers their wheeping skeleton..

This is the world..this is the reality..

so please………don’t waste your food…..because even you can’t hear,there is always a little voice saying…..Mother,I am hungry……