Motorcycle Owners: Be Prepared for Emergencies

Few things excite motorcycle owners like some free time on the wide open road. As the weather warms, many riders begin planning long cross-country trips and brief weekend excursions. All too often, riders set off on their adventures without preparing for the unexpected. Before you go on a long or short bike ride, learn what happened to Brian.

Brian’s story

Brian loves few things more than his motorcycle. It’s sleek, beautiful and offers him a way to escape the frustration and stress associated with work and everyday life. The cold winter wind and snow has been difficult on Brian, who has been forced to sit indoors waiting for the weather to warm. Fortunately, summer is just around the corner, and Brian is all set to pack up and take his bike on a long trip.

Soon, he’ll be taking his motorcycle on a journey that will send him across multiple state lines. In preparation, he’s carefully packed some important things, including his camera, some food and a handy little GPS device. For safety’s sake, he’s also installed a brand new battery and a pair of fresh tires.

After some careful planning, Brian is confident that he is well-equipped for his exciting adventure. Unfortunately, he’s neglected to pack one critical asset that could save him from a potentially disastrous situation.

When the Unfortunate Occurs

When the morning of his trip finally dawns; Brian takes off down the road wearing a wide grin. Unfortunately, he is completely unaware that his bike’s alternator is malfunctioning. Without any signs or symptoms, the device has stopped charging his bike’s battery; and, after only a couple of days, the battery dies, leaving Brian all alone on a desolate roadside, far from help.

Protecting Against Trouble

Fortunately, Brian is only stranded for no more than an hour before a helpful passer stops to help. Thankfully, he is able to hide his bike behind some trees to reduce the chances of theft; and when he returns with a new battery, the motorcycle is still there.

Brian was fortunate; however, a great many motorcycle owners don’t get off so easily. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, you should have a way to charge your battery. Before setting off on a long trip, ensure that you have a compact, portable solar-powered battery charger on-hand. Don’t risk theft, injury or even death; take the time to prepare against all eventualities.