Motorcycle Safety Programs Can Safe Lives

In Chicago Illinois, there is a motorcycle safety program called Ride Chicago

The importance of these courses for every rider is that they offer lessons for absolute beginners to seasoned riders. If anyone is considering riding a motorcycle it should be one of the first things you do even before you purchase your first motorcycle. In this program they teach you all the first rules of riding a motorcycle and the instructors help you familiarize yourself with all the instruments on a motorcycle. This program offers you their own 250 cc motorcycles you ride as you learn. They have a track that the instructors have you ride around traffic cones at a slow speed at first and then gradually increase in speed as the day continues.

The first day they offer you a class that goes through safety procedures that are invaluable in saving your life. If you are a student there and are attentive, the first day’s lesson may safe your life. The rest of the classes are completely hands on and exciting if you never rode a motorcycle before.

The class first lets you get comfortable with the bike, and how to balance it on your feet way before you even turn on the ignition. After some familiarization of the bike very shortly that same day you are off and riding on the bike. What a thrill if this was your first time at it. The remaining days of the class instruct you on proper braking procedures, turning procedures, and acceleration procedures to just name a few things this course offers. It might be a surprise to you how quickly you learn to ride if you pay attention and believe in yourself. But the absolute best part of this course is that at the end of the program a state instructor will take your driving test and pass or fail you. If you pass, you get your M class license provided you have also passed a written exam first.

Another very popular program of this nature is offered by Harley Davidson, but there is waiting list and early sign is required to get in.

There are also state sponsored programs very inexpensive offered by county and/or community colleges in your area.

Whatever your avenue you pick to do your education on motorcycle safety, it is totally worth it and can save your life!