Motorola Targets Business Communication with Two Way Radios

Communication within a business environment has always been a challenge for most businesses. However, Motorola has designed solutions that are intended to target businesses and ease communication within the operating environment. These two way radios for business are versatile and can be used in a different range of environments from within store spaces to factory floors to warehouses and construction sites.

The features meant to target business use are; one, simplified design of the Motorola two way radio accessories. The communication devices are designed to operate on the half-duplex format. This means the user can either talk into the device or listen, but never both at the same time. These devices have a large red push to talk PTT button that the user holds down to transmit messages to other device users. Two, the two way radios for business have now been equipped with a computer programmable interface. The interface is designed graphically in order to be user friendly. This program is installed into the communications computer and enables the administrator to configure the devices before use. They can, therefore, configure the available channels to provide communication on several channels. These can be assigned to different levels within the employee hierarchy. This, therefore, equips the business with communication platforms on several levels for different functions.

Thirdly, Motorola two way radio accessories are designed to ease effective communication. The accessories come in many forms to help with different aspects of use. There are belt clips, which enable employees to carry the two way radios around easily, attached to their belts. This is especially useful where the employees are in uniform which may not have pockets but need to carry their devices around. Furthermore, there are boosters which help increase the effective range of communication for the business. The boosters are usually antennas that can be installed in different convenient points to boost communication.

Fourth, the channels provided are ready to use and do not need special permission. Radio frequency channels must typically be registered with the communications authority. However, the channels offered for business use are ready to use and do not require licenses. This also helps cut down on the costs involved in their implementation within the business environment. Lastly, the two radios are lightweight in design. This makes them easily portable and helps the employees to function while mobile. The lightweight design also makes them energy efficient, further decreasing costs.