Moving and Packing Tips: Packing the Kitchen

Moving and packing tips for packing the kitchen may be helpful when you are ready to pick up and move to a new location.If you are packing and moving or just rearranging the various areas of your kitchen, you may want to consider a couple (or more) cardboard boxes to separate or pack up specific items around your kitchen. You will also want to consider getting a few old newspapers for packing or insulating any fragile items.

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While you are packing dishes and other glass items, you may want to consider lining the bottom of boxes with newspaper, cardboard or even Styrofoam board. This will help buffer any fragile items, while moving or in transit and is a good idea, since accidents do happen. You may even consider lining the sides and the top of the box as well. It all depends upon, what you have to work with and the particular items you are packing.

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When packing flat items like plates, wrap them and place a piece of newspaper or some bubble packing sheets between them as you place them in your packing box. You should do the same to protect any other type of glass item that will cozy into and next to another glass item such as bowls. While packing glasses, vases and such, consider wadding up some newspaper and then placing it inside the glass, vase or other and then wrapping the outside of the glass or vase. When you are packing cups or teapots with handles you should consider folding a piece of newspaper or cutting some bubble-wrap to fit and then wrap the handle, going through the hole and around. What you want to do is fully protect your items from being broken by accident and it is possible when you take the time to pack your fragile items carefully.

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While packing any whatnots, doodads, knickknacks and figurines, you should take the time to carefully pack them as well.

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Keep in mind that while packing, some items will fare better while using bubble-wrap and brown or white wrapping paper than to use newspaper on them. Newsprint isn’t good for some things and can cause the items possible damage or an extensive cleaning job. Always determine the best packing materials for your specific needs. Another thing to consider when you are packing is that you can do it yourself or you can hire professionals to do it for you, according to your specific needs and moving budget.