Moving Classified Advertisements Online With Twenty-First Century Technology

It is very apparent that classified advertisements appearing in daily newspapers in India are diminishing quite rapidly. This is because of the number of free advertisement online sites that have started up and are doing extremely well.

Declining Print Advertisements

The procedure to put up an advertisement in the print media is quite tedious requiring a visit to the office with the written material; you will have to find out how much it costs, and you have to make the payment in full for the required period. Currently, there are hundreds of online free classifieds sites in India that are ready to put up your advertisement without any charge. However, the placement of the advertisement may not be in an optimum location, which means a prospective customer will have to troll through a lot of advertisements before they come across your advertisement. Though these online sites are being marketed as classified ads for free, they will charge a nominal fee for your advertisement along with 1 to 3 colour photographs of the item or product for sale to be placed in a prominent position on their web pages.

Prominent Location

This allows prospective customers to get first crack at your item before they move on to others further along the webpage. While a print classified advertisement has the benefit of reaching a specific targeted audience, advertising in them works on the “hit and miss” principle, because there is no guarantee that the target customer has seen the advertisement. Online advertisements on the other hand are used by millions of people, and have the advantage of the advertisement being seen whenever they boot up the computer. With the younger generation changing mobile phones every time a new model comes out, the online classified sites is one of the best places for a discerning customer to buy used mobile phones at a considerable discount.

Online Advertisements

Provided the prospective customer is happy the phone meets his specifications and has an acceptable condition, a very competitive price could be bargained for immediately. The price would definitely be much cheaper than buying a phone from a phone dealer, who would definitely put a high markup on the phone. The same principle applies to individuals in Delhi or any major metropolitan city in India wanting to buy a secondhand car. There are hundreds of used car dealers in Delhi, but finding an honest car dealer is very rare; however, by going through online advertisements and photos of secondhand cars, you have the advantage of selecting and comparing prices before even seeing the car; being an expensive purchase, it would be prudent to take along an automobile mechanic when going to see the shortlisted cars.