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Moving to another country without knowing its language. Is it possible?

Today importance of English is very high. English is needed everywhere: on holidays and at work. Whether you are in Vienna or Munich, in Havana or Shanghai, this language will always come to your aid: at the restaurant, at the hotel, at the museum or while walking around the city. Advertisements in all airports of the world, symbols on maps, road signs, in most countries, are duplicated in English. People, knowing English, will not be lost in any point of the globe. English is widely spoken in business circles of the world, so it got the status of an international language in over 60 countries. More and more countries have chosen English to study at schools of different ranks. International relations, various international economic, cultural ties, sports positively contribute to the spread of English across the planet, it has become the international language (more than half a billion people speak English).

Nowadays it is difficult to picture a specialist, who does not know at least one foreign language. English is the language of high technology, programming, the language of contracts and negotiations and the language of radio, television and, of course, the Internet. That is why most respectable companies in hiring indicate an obligatory condition of knowledge of the English language.

It’s hard to imagine a person who does not know an international language. Unfortunately, they are among us. Until recently I was one of them. The circumstances were so that I had to move to the United States of America. Of course, everyone would be overjoyed on hearing such news and would start to pack his/her suitcases. But I faced a huge problem, as it seemed to me then, I didn’t know English.

I had in reserve six months while I was preparing the documents for departure. And this time I planned to spend with benefit and started learning English. I turned over in my mind for a long time where I could find a tutor who will be able to teach me the basics of English in such a short period of time. My friend advised me to seek help on 2polyglot where she orders translations and content for her websites. She has excellent references about 2Polyglot– platform with highly qualified teachers, here I chose a teacher who meets all my requirements and, most importantly, was from my native town. I explained to the teacher the situation; she was sympathetic to it and reassured me, saying that nothing is impossible. Her name was Kate. She is quite optimistic and has an active life position that dispose students to her.

Despite her young age, Kate has a great experience of teaching and has worked on probation for several years in America and the UK. To my mind, it is a great plus for a teacher as she will be able to explain all refinements of the language. Starting to learn English with 2polyglot.com , my opinion on the study process has changed radically. I realized that the lessons can be interesting and exciting. The time was properly planned out and so it was enough for speaking, reading, writing and listening. The books and exercises were selected well and were conducted in the form of active games. In order to vary lessons, sometimes we had our studies via Skype that was very convenient.

Now I can boast of my results. I can read without the help of a teacher and to write without prompts and quite easy to express my thoughts in English. Undoubtedly, it makes me happy.


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