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Mowing Tips to Make You the Envy of The Neighbourhood


Now that the sun is finally out it’s time for the trusty lawn mower to follow suit. After months of avoiding this traditional weekend job it’s safe to say that homeowners up and down the country are about to re-embark on the task of grass cutting.

Mowing Tips to Make You the Envy of The Neighbourhood

Some people find walking up and down their lawns on a Sunday afternoon akin to torture, while others find it entirely therapeutic. Whichever camp you fall in to there is no doubt that you will be able to appreciate a freshly mowed lawn (unless you suffer from hayfever perhaps) and the impact this can have on the look of a garden. Equally, you cannot fail to be impressed when such a lawn has been cut in such a way as to leave patterns.

For those not in the know, the appearance of stripes, or checkers on a lawn can seem like a mystical event, conjuring up images of crop circles and little green men. Of course, it’s nothing quite so exciting as that and is indeed something that anyone (with a little extra time on their hands) can achieve.

How to cut stripes

The simple truth of the matter is that stripes (or any pattern for that matter) are essentially formed by the deliberate and specific bending of blades of grass. Depending on which way the grass is bent, sunlight will be reflected differently, and it is this that creates the impression of patterns.
For example, grass that is bent towards you will appear darker than blades of grass that are bent away from you. Simply speaking then when you cut your grass you need to ensure that the blades are bent in one direction, and then the other, to create this simple line effect.

As such you should work your lawn in a methodical manner. Start at one end of your lawn and walk in a straight line. When you get to the end, do a U-turn and work back up the garden creating a second “line”. Continue this until you have finished mowing the entire lawn.

Depending on the health of your grass in your garden this may be enough to create a slight stripe effect; however, to really exaggerate the appearance of stripes you may need to bend the blades of grass further. This can be achieved by using a roller, either separately or which can be attached to the mower itself.

Once you have mastered the art of creating stripes, you can investigate looking into creating a checkerboard effect. Then you really will be the envy of the neighbourhood. Before you know it, lawn mowing could become a competitive sport!

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Mowing Tips to Make You the Envy of The Neighbourhood
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